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Teach your engineering students how to design for manufacturability and cost using the world’s #1 simulation software.

Manufacturers are facing extreme pressure to develop innovative products and get those products to market faster than ever before. This program introduces engineering students to techniques and tools that can help alleviate the pressure of:

  • Shorter product lifecycles
  • Lack of visibility cost drivers
  • Late stage engineering churn

The Courseware: Design for Manufacture

Written by Dr. Mike Philpott et al, the courseware has been used in the Mechanical Engineering undergraduate program at the University of Illinois — Urbana-Champaign for over 10 years.

The electronic textbook teaches modern manufacturing methods alongside detail design considerations and key cost drivers.

Students learn the important relationship between material selection, candidate manufacturing methods, and product geometric detail (i.e. shape, form, surface finish, tolerances, etc.).

In addition to the textbook, students receive CAD models for the key manufacturing process covered and faculty receive Review Questions and Homework Question handbooks.

The Manufacturing Simulation Software: aPriori Professional 2019

aPriori’s Design for Manufacturability & Cost (DFMC) solutions provide design engineers with real-time visibility into cost drivers and manufacturing issues, enabling them to avoid expensive and time-consuming engineering change order (ECO) churn at the end of the design lifecycle.

The software automatically extracts geometric and PMI information from the CAD model. Using that data, it evaluates each feature on the component for manufacturability and then calculates the cost to manufacture.

Where there are manufacturability issues, the software provides design engineers with actionable suggestions for making changes to the model to improve manufacturability and reduce the cost to manufacture.

To learn more about how aPriori can help you define the right Product Cost Management strategy, contact us at to arrange for a private appointment with one of our consultants.

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