aP Workspace

Bring Disconnected Teams and Data Together to Optimize Product Design and Manufacturing

Disconnected teams and siloed product/sourcing information can cause delays, add expenses, and create costly engineering change orders (ECO’s) late in the development process. Don’t make important product decisions based on questionable information scattered across old emails, spreadsheets, and isolated systems.

Powerful Collaboration and Task Management for Design and Manufacturing 

aP Workspace is a new coworking application to manage scenario tasks and collaborate seamlessly with internal stakeholders on product cost, manufacturability, and sustainability. aP Workspace provides real-time collaboration and unified product design and manufacturing data in a single environment. Users create scenarios of aPriori analysis and tag colleagues in aP Workspace to pose questions, provide comments, follow up on tasks, and use traceability to understand a project’s evolution.

With and Without aP Workspace

• Centralize teams and critical product data

• Accelerate decision-making confidently – at scale

• Improve productivity and traceability

Teams across product engineering, product cost, sourcing, and manufacturing can review product design files (e.g., 3D CAD) and design specifications from any aPriori cloud application in aP Workspace. And they use robust coworking features to streamline and accelerate project management and to make decisions quickly and confidently.

aP Workspace Features_Callouts

Product Features

Modular Data Views

Customize, filter, create, and save a customized view of a scenario for design reviews, quarterly business reviews, or even supplier negotiations. Users can set design file data to highlight scenarios by product cost, DFM risk, and sustainability metrics.

Modular data views aP Workspace


3D Model & Data Field Commenting

Teams can quickly validate manufacturability and cost assumptions, which drive should cost analysis. aPriori enables users to mark up and comment on features or characteristics right on 3D models and line-item cost data in real time.

3D Commenting aP Workspace

Messaging & Task Manager

Streamline your current product development process by receiving automatic alerts regarding key tasks assigned to you and updates to keep you current on project status.Messages aP Workspace

Real-time Collaboration

Enable all project stakeholders to work on the same data in one place in real time. Updates in aP Pro and aP Design scenarios are reflected within aP Workspace in real time, maintaining the digital thread.

aP Workspace Collaboration

Secure Collaboration

The aPriori Cloud is SOC 2 Type 2 certified, which reflects our commitment to maintaining high industry standards for the security, availability, confidentiality, and privacy of customer data.

aPriori SOC 2 Type II Certification

How it Works


Search for an existing aP Design or aP Pro Cloud scenario within aP Workspace.


Use aP Workspace to configure the data in the best view for your communication needs. Users can generate custom data cards to support collaboration around costs, manufacturability, or sustainability topics.


Users can comment directly on the digital twin model for added clarity in the project space. And they can assign tasks, manage their own to-dos, and review project history with aP Workspace’s powerful coworking features.


Manage tasks, reply to comments, or update your scenario based on team feedback. aP Workspace captures all updates in real time to ensure that the entire team is working with the most up-to-date information.

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    Get real-time collaboration and unified product design and manufacturing data in a single environment. And use robust coworking features to manage tasks quickly and make decisions confidently. Request a personalized demo today.

    “Product manufacturers are often hampered because teams can’t collaborate easily or access information trapped in spreadsheets or siloed systems. aP Workspace addresses these hurdles by enabling product designers and manufacturers to plan quickly and confidently using enriched digital thread data.”
    --Stephanie Feraday, aPriori President and Chief Executive Officer

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