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You’re using aPriori in a certain role – perhaps as a Design Engineer? Or with Sourcing? Or Manager of your Virtual Production Environments? You need hands-on training using aPriori software specifically for your role. You can’t travel. You don’t want to deal with any software setup. Oh, and you can’t spend more than a half day including your hands-on labs.

Can you get training that meets all those requirements?

Yes! By enrolling in the appropriate aPriori LIVE (Live, Instructor-Led Virtual Education) 4-hour courses.

How Does aPriori LIVE Work?

The entire class is virtual, with students from around the globe participating simultaneously (classes are typically limited to 12 participants to ensure individual attention). Lectures with “open microphones” for all students participating are delivered through web conferencing specifically designed for training (lectures, demos, polls, pop quizzes, breakout sessions, and other types of interaction).

During class, you access the aPriori software and perform hands-on labs by connecting to the aPriori Playbox. Need help while performing your lab work? Just click the “Assistance” button and the instructor can look at your screen and help get you to the next step.

What Do You Need to Participate?

High-speed Internet connectivity – because audio communications use VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). We also highly recommend a headset that lets you keep your hands free for hands-on lab work.

Download the aPriori LIVE brochure with course descriptions.


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To learn more about how aPriori can help you define the right Product Cost Management strategy, contact us at ProductCost@apriori.com to arrange for a private appointment with one of our consultants.

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