Reduce Carbon Emissions and Meet Sustainability Goals

Business strategies to navigate today’s dynamic economy vary significantly. But there’s a united call for a meaningful reduction of CO₂ equivalent (CO₂e) emissions from institutions that typically don’t see eye to eye. National and global policymakers, regulatory organizations, financial institutions, investors, and c-level executives share an unprecedented commitment to track and reduce their environmental impact.

But shifting from sustainability intent to sustainability action is complex. And many manufacturers are struggling to understand where to start and how to implement changes to satisfy regulators and customers.

The aPriori Manufacturing Insight Platform can quickly and easily calculate the CO2e emissions associated with manufacturing new or updated product designs.

Here's How it Works


aPriori digital factories enable the specification of energy sources as part of any manufacturing simulation. Each digital factory includes regional machine and material data libraries. aPriori also incorporates energy requirements to run machines and manufacturing processes during specific periods. The digital factories include additional data for overhead energy costs such as lighting and heat in a physical factory. aPriori applies this data in its manufacturing simulation to calculate precise CO2e emissions associated with new or updated product designs.

“How will we bring sustainability insights into our design process? The same way we bring the cost perspective into engineering. aPriori makes it fact-based. We’re calculating on the same methodology. Now carbon footprint, alongside cost, becomes a new kind of currency.”
— Tonni Rasmussen, Global Manager Cost & Value Engineering, Grundfos

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