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Driving Transformational Change in the Auto Industry: One Huge Trend at a Time

Ranae Mogensen | February 15, 2018

The automotive industry is in the midst of the most seismic shift it has gone through in recent times. The last considerable shift was back in the early 1900’s, when Henry Ford dedicated himself

How to Set and Achieve Cost Targets to Increase Profitability

apriori | February 1, 2018

Today, I’m going to share with you some tips and best practices that top manufacturing companies use to set and achieve cost targets in order to maintain or increase profitability and competitiveness. You have

Thought Leaders of Product Cost Management

Rick Burke | September 21, 2017

A lot of stories have appeared in the news lately about the role of automation in manufacturing.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage Through Cost Management Software

apriori | August 17, 2017

aPriori customer Soucy International designs and manufactures aftermarket parts for the power sports vehicle market.  Back in 2015, they were facing a challenge that was making it increasingly difficult for them to respond to customer Request

Circor Successfully Implements a Cost Reduction Strategy

Even best-in-class manufacturing companies can miss their cost targets when launching new products.

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