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Product Cost Plays a Significant Role in Driving Cultural Change at GE

Rick Burke | October 5, 2018

General Electric is one of the largest diversified industrial manufacturers in the world. The company designs and manufactures aircraft engines, locomotives and other transportation equipment, lighting, electric control equipment, generators and turbines, and medical

My Story: From Evaluating Cost Engineering Solutions to Building a Global Costing Methodology with aPriori

David Ondrias | September 5, 2018

  I was an aPriori customer before I joined the team at aPriori four months ago. Now that I am part of the company, my experience as a customer will quickly become discounted going

How Caterpillar uses aPriori in its New Product Introduction Programs

Rick Burke | August 16, 2018

Caterpillar has been a customer with aPriori for many years. They have aPriori product cost management deployments going on at the different divisions around the company and around the world. Steve Vito, a Supplier

Aerospace Industry Trends: Supplementing an Aging Workforce

Steven Peck | June 25, 2018

In light of an aging aerospace workforce, do you have a plan for supplementing the knowledge that will disappear with your retirees? How do you plan to arm the next generation with the tribal

Agile Supply Chain Management: Traversing an Increasingly Global and Complex World

Brianna Mikolich | June 7, 2018

In a world that is increasingly global, digital, and intelligent, modern supply chains are faced with challenges presented by complex and interconnected systems. As supply chains have become globalized, complexity has increased due to