aP Design

Accelerate Product Design with Automated Insights for Design Engineers

aP Design empowers product developers to optimize their designs for cost, manufacturability, and sustainability simultaneously. Design engineers use aP Design to automate 3D CAD design analysis of parts and assemblies. With aP Design, product design engineers can quickly simulate the impact of changes in a product’s design, manufacturing process, and factory selection.

In seconds, design/mechanical engineers can compare and assess multiple design variants, alternative materials, sourcing options, and more.

By gaining early insights into cost, carbon emissions, and manufacturability issues during the design process, aP Design enables design engineers to reduce design iterations and gain more time to focus on innovation.

aP Design empowers design engineers to reduce late-stage changes – and spend more time to focus on innovation. Use aP Design to optimize designs using automated simulation before committing to time-consuming downstream operations.

aP Design is built for design engineers to get actionable feedback on manufacturability, cost, and carbon directly from 3D CAD models as early as the concept phase.

Design engineers can now address product costing and sustainability rapidly with aPriori’s automated insights. This vastly reduces downstream work for cost engineers and procurement to unlock higher performance from the entire product development team.

Product Features

Bring Cost and CO2e Visibility to Product Design

Conduct design reviews for product costing and manufacturability earlier in the product development lifecycle to pinpoint and address issues without incurring costly delays associated with late-stage changes. aP Design identifies design features that and unnecessarily increase cost, like those requiring expensive specialized tooling. Make changes to your CAD model to address the identified problems, then see the quantified results.

Compare Design Variations and Iterations

Evaluate multiple design options quickly for cost, manufacturability, and sustainability. With aP Design, simply upload design variants along with different materials, processes, and sourcing options to build comparisons. Then publish and share the best options for design reviews.

Cloud Platform with Minimal Overhead

There are no server installs or big IT expenses with our cloud platform. aPriori maintains aP Design and the entire Manufacturing Insights Platform in the cloud. Accessing aP Design through a web browser means authorized users can securely review manufacturing insights anywhere. aPriori’s cloud solution leverages secure HTTPS browser protocols, secure AWS infrastructure with high availability (multiple availability zones, daily backups), independent third-party security testing, and SSO across all aPriori web applications.

Collaborate with Cost Teams, Sourcing, and More

Share design scenarios and get feedback from product stakeholders such as cost engineering, sustainability, sourcing, and manufacturing via the aP Workspace collaboration application available with aP Design.

How it Works


Use aP Design as a standalone application or with aP Generate to scale design analysis. aP Generate automatically initiates a comprehensive manufacturing simulation as soon as the designer checks in a new or modified design to their product lifecycle management (PLM) system. If a manufacturing anomaly is identified, aP Generate proactively notifies the designer with an email report directly to their inbox.


aP Design allows designer engineers to quickly upload and evaluate the identified component or assembly. They can study design variants and different materials, processes, and sourcing options that could address the manufacturability issue, and publish the best options to review with the broader team.


Cost engineers can then review and refine results if necessary and advise on the most effective solution to the problem.


Team leads and other company stakeholders have easy access to review designs and feedback any time.


    See aP Design in Action

    Built-in manufacturability guidance makes designing to cost easier than ever. Best of all? It integrates with the CAD system and PLM you’re already using. Request a personalized demo today.

    “After a number of manufacturers returned our design with ‘no bid’ responses, we ran the design through aPriori, which recognized the part of the design that was causing the problem – a deep undercut needing special tooling. The engineer re-evaluated the design and determined that the undercut was not a real need but was created by a combination of some features. Sending the design back out to suppliers resulted in numerous bids and a 50% cost reduction!”
    -Eyal Siryon, MCAD Technologies Team Manager, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

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