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Maintain Your Competitive Edge with Smart Innovation

Innovate or Evaporate. We don’t need to tell you that the pace of innovation has never been more important than in today’s rapidly changing global marketplace for industrial equipment manufacturers. The 4th industrial revolution is not only driving major changes in the connected products that are being developed, but also the way they are built with smart manufacturing processes. So, how do you bring new innovative products to market faster to retain and expand your market share? Digital manufacturing simulation software is the answer.

Product Development Challenges

Eliminate supply chain challenges with aPriori

Increased Global Competition

Rapidly growing competition from international players is forcing manufacturers to spend more time on R&D activities to develop differentiated, innovative equipment to preserve and expand their market share.

Product Portfolio Management

The demand for more flexible and efficient equipment has manufacturers rationalizing and revitalizing their product offering on a continuous basis.

Lack of Data-Based Insights

Making sure you have the right products available at the right time at a competitive price point requires informed decision making every step of the way along the product development process.

Rapid Adoption of Digital Technology

The increased digital intelligence built into modern machinery is driving the need for organizations to expand their supply chain to support specialized requirements outside of their traditional areas of expertise.

Sustainability Pressures

Manufacturers face a balancing act when adapting to government regulation and controlling costs. Focusing on reducing the carbon footprint of your equipment and emissions is as important as the manufacturing process itself.

    Digital Manufacturing Benefits


    Innovate with Confidence

    Reinvent your product development process by leveraging automated manufacturing and cost insights to ensure designs are producible and achieve cost targets right from the start. Spend less time fixing issues late in the design process and more time innovating to bring leading-edge solutions to market.

    Outpace the Competition

    Eliminate bottlenecks in your process that keep you from getting products to market faster. Digitally streamline your product lifecycle by connecting design, manufacturing, procurement, and suppliers using aPriori’s common platform to provide on-demand visibility to potential cost and manufacturing issues. aPriori’s unique digital manufacturing simulation software creates a digital thread directly from the design model to a digital factory allowing you to identify and fix problems early and often - leaving your competitors in the rear view mirror.

    Optimize Supply Chain Interaction

    Use data to inform strategic make vs. buy decisions, evaluate the impact of alternate manufacturing processes, project capacity requirements, and categorize supplier capabilities to drive critical supply chain decision.

      Our Customers Have Saved Millions

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      aPriori Solutions for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

      aPriori cost insight generate icon
      aP Generate

      Connect aPriori to your PLM system for automated manufacturing simulation upon check-in of new or modified CAD designs.

      aPriori cost insight design icon
      aP Design

      This web-based application provides designers and engineers with a method to quickly and easily simulate the manufacturing process to identify and eliminate potential design flaws that could slow down time to market.

      aP Analytics

      Detailed reports of cost data for your industrial equipment components. Create custom dashboards to consistently monitor new product initiatives against design to cost targets.

      aP Pro

      Remove cumbersome and costly department silos and bring everyone onto the same page. Realize collaboration among design, cost engineering, and sourcing all in one place.

      Manufacturing Cost Models for Your Industry

      We have invested more than 15 years into the development of the world’s most innovative and automated manufacturing cost models specific to your industry. With aPriori, companies that manufacture industrial equipment will get specific cost models including:
      Sheet Metal, Stamping and Bar & Tube Fabrication
      Machining: Milling, Turning, Grinding, Gear Making
      Casting: Die, Investment, Sand Casting
      Aluminium Extrusions
      Additive Manufacturing
      Injection, Roto, Blow Molding, Sheet Plastic Thermoforming
      Wire Harness Design/Assembly
      Printed Circuit Board Fabrication/ Assembly
      Assemblies: Welding/Joining, Mechanical
      Surface & Heat Treatment
      For a complete list of all supported manufacturing processes, download this data sheet.
      “We are using aPriori extensively within purchasing as the should costing tool and are achieving some $3M year/year savings on price reduction.”
      — Tonni Rasmussen, Senior Cost & Value Engineer, Grundfos

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