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Automated Manufacturability Analysis with Design Guidance to Eliminate Cost Drivers

What if there was a way to increase the percentage of new product designs that were optimized for manufacturability and cost, and reduce the time it takes to deliver these new products to market – all without impacting the workload of your engineering team?

aP Generate is a revolutionary new digital manufacturing simulation technology from aPriori that works silently in the background, automatically analyzing your digital twin CAD models every time they are checked into your Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system. No upfront work by the engineer required. The only time the engineer needs to get involved is when a potential manufacturability problem is detected by the system.

Automatically evaluate product designs and increase your workflow efficiencies to launch complex products faster. Meet your customer’s growing needs while achieving profitability goals at the same time.

aP Generate is the ideal automation solution for the entire product development team, starting with design engineering, whether they’ve been designing for four weeks or four decades. Manufacturability and cost analysis output from aP Generate can be leveraged by sourcing professionals to get a head start on supplier strategies. The output data can also be reviewed by cost engineering professionals, manufacturing engineers and a host of other roles involved in the product development process.
aPriori Cost Insight Generate product features

Product Features

Use Automation to Focus on Innovation

Automatic digital manufacturing simulation provides stakeholders with detailed cost and manufacturability insight built right into the PLM system. Reduce rework, shorten time to market and improve product profitability. Gain automated manufacturability guidance without spending valuable time manually assessing each part design.

Simulated Manufacturing Cost Models

Simulation based on CAD files for quick comparison of design alternatives and their cost implications. Optimize designs based on real world factory data. Use manufacturability assessments to better inform product roadmap planning. Set credible expectations early with senior leadership about product profitability and availability. aP Generate offers support for every major CAD solution on the market today.

Define Custom Workflows and Cost Input

Schedule workflow execution, create queries to extract parts from the PLM, define cost inputs and overrides, and configure outputs that generate results. You can automatically analyze parts when checked into your PLM, or define a custom trigger for generating a simulated manufacturing cost model.

Automated Cost Models Enable Collaboration

Immediately bring design and costing teams onto the same page. Cross-team collaboration earlier in the design process saves time, money, and headaches. And collaboration doesn’t just happen within the product team. Produce credible manufacturing cost analysis to help sourcing find best fit suppliers.

Proactively Prioritize Cost and Manufacturing Issues

Seconds after a design is uploaded, your design team receives an automated notification of any parts that have the potential for further optimization. Easily share this design guidance and reports among stakeholders. Ensure timely product launches by identifying and flagging critical manufacturability issues early in the design phase. Quickly identify and prioritize parts with the most impactful potential design issues.

Heat Mapping Shows Potential Design Issues

Powerful manufacturability algorithms scan your CAD models for potential design issues and highlights elements likely to drive excess cost or create manufacturing problems. Get warnings and guidance for problematic cost drivers and manufacturability risks so you can spend more time innovating and less time fixing issues downstream.

Actionable Alerts and Notification

Your workflows are a lot easier with aP Generate. Get email alerts with a manufacturability risk rating, cost results, and link for further investigation and suggested responses. Assess forecasted profit margins early in the design phase, and if necessary, make feature vs. cost tradeoffs to meet profitability goals.

How it works:


The design engineer starts the process by checking their CAD design into the PLM system. aP Generate then goes to work, and automatically produces a full manufacturability analysis of the part.


The analyzed results — such as manufacturing cost, design to cost (DTC) rating, and the detailed report — can be stored back to the PLM system.


aP Generate sends a report to the design engineer via the company’s email system. Using a hyperlink in the report, the design engineer opens the part in the aP Design to review the design and cost guidance for the part. With this guidance, the engineer makes design changes to satisfy DTC goals and improve manufacturability of the part.


Workflows can be configured to share reports with other stakeholders such as design engineering leaders and product manager.


    See aP Generate in action

    Built-in manufacturability guidance makes designing to cost easier than ever. Best of all? It integrates with the CAD system and PLM you’re already using. Request a personalized demo today.

    “Our customers rely on us to provide solutions that deliver more productivity and cost less. aP Generate helps us meet that need. It automates much of the cost optimization that we currently do manually, helping us bring designs into production faster to support critical product schedules and lead times. ”
    –Sam Freesmeyer, Vice President at AGCO

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