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The aerospace and defense industry works at the leading edge of technology. You repeatedly turn out high-quality products that last for decades. And you do so in a highly-competitive environment. These large programs require a high degree of coordination between product development and manufacturing teams at OEMs. And they require a supply chain made up of specialized and commodity suppliers that are geographically dispersed in order to manage risk and ensure success. How do you achieve maximum production efficiency while minimizing costly design flaws? Digital manufacturing software is the key.

In this industry, companies strive to incorporate the latest technologies, including advancements in materials and manufacturing processes—some of which become available mid-stream in a program. Often it is difficult to understand the cost and manufacturability impact of incorporating these new technologies, resulting in schedule, cost, and technical risk.

Whether for air, sea, land, or space, commercial and defense products are designed to last for decades. The safety and performance-critical nature of these products require that they be designed and manufactured correctly from the very beginning. Decision-making insight is critical. One mistake can cost millions of dollars.

Incorporating manufacturing simulation technologies into your designs will not only help you meet performance and safety goals, but it gives you the insights you need to ensure you meet manufacturability and cost targets.

It’s time to be proactive about your cost drivers. Use aPriori’s automated bulk costing capabilities to increase the percentage of parts optimized for manufacturability and cost in your new product designs. Significantly improve your profit margins by identifying cost outliers in minutes.

Any time is a good time to take cost out. With the right technology you can get automated feedback on the manufacturability of your designs. Get immediate cost insight into every part you evaluate. Or use manufacturing simulation to collaborate and negotiate costs with your suppliers.

The value of having a strong supply chain strategy has been heightened by the pandemic-related disruptions. Our aerospace and defense customers use aPriori to understand alternate manufacturing processes, capacity requirements, and categorization of supplier capabilities that can drive critical supply chain decisions. Some have even implemented open book processes with suppliers to eliminate the time lag and risk of the RFQ process.

aPriori Solutions for Aerospace and Defense Industry

aPriori cost insight generate icon

aP Generate

Connect aPriori to your PLM system for automated manufacturing simulation upon check-in of new or modified CAD designs.

aPriori cost insight design icon

aP Design

Utilize heat mapping and cycle time reports to quickly identify and resolve manufacturing cost drivers in every aerospace part you design. And, get your design right the first time.


aP Analytics

Detailed reports of cost data for your aerospace parts. Create custom dashboards to consistently monitor new product initiatives against design to cost targets.


aP Pro

Remove cumbersome and costly department silos and bring everyone onto the same page. Realize collaboration among design, cost engineering, and sourcing all in one place.


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