Manufacturing Insights

aPriori Manufacturing Insights automates and simulates the entire production process for a digital twin CAD model. The heart of the software is our Digital Factories which generate an extensive array of manufacturing data that can be used by product design teams, cost engineers and sourcing specialists to make better decisions on a daily basis.

What are Manufacturing Insights?

Manufacturing Insights have been developed side-by-side with some of the world's most visionary global manufacturers over the past 15 years. Typical features include:
manufacturing simulation software to reduce risk, improving agility
Visual and Intuitive User Interface
That’s tailored to the end user’s role in the organization. Use visual tools like summary tiles, detail panels, interactive charts, and 3D visualization allow you to focus on the most crucial data.
Guided Costing Workflow and Collaboration
Upload any CAD format, select your production inputs, and get feedback on your costing progress in real time. Plus get automatic warning notifications on un-manufacturable features or those that may require costly specialized tooling.
Review Cost Drivers and Manufacturability Issues
Use heat map visualizations to quickly identify high-cost drivers. Examine tolerances and their impact on process routing and manufacturability.
Design Guidance
System generated instructions on how to fix manufacturability problems identified by simulations. See how small design changes impact cost, manufacturing cycle time, and sourcing decisions all with a few clicks. Plus get on-screen product optimization suggestions for manufacturability.
Seamless Integrations
Our Manufacturing Insights Platform can be easily connected to your PLM system. Each time a new CAD model is checked-in, a workflow routine triggers and evaluates the new or modified design for potential manufacturability issues. Users are notified only when the DFM risk exceeds a defined threshold.
    Manufacturing Insights were designed from day one to be easy to learn and easy to use — so even a novice can quickly evaluate their product design to eliminate potential issues.

    The Benefits of Manufacturing Insights

    Faster to Market
    Eliminate end stage ECOs related to manufacturability and cost by identifying potential problems early and often as your new product designs start to take form.
    Access to Insights Anywhere
    Gone are the days where individuals need to be tied to their desktop to make real-time business decisions. View progress and collaborate from your mobile device.
    Design Better and Faster
    See how small design changes impact cost manufacturing cycle time, and sourcing decisions all with a few clicks. Plus get on-screen product optimization suggestions for manufacturability.
    Hit Cost Targets Consistently
    Identify and proactively eliminate product cost drivers early in the production process. Use detailed should cost estimates and detailed manufacturing reports to negotiate more effectively with your suppliers
    Cross-team Collaboration
    Bring everyone together seamlessly with digital collaboration. Designers, cost engineers and your sourcing team all see the same data at the same time and make changes together.
    Dashboards and Reporting
    Your leaders will know the exact status of each new product initiative at any given time. Plus run on-demand reports for material usage, cost outlier analysis, and more.

    aPriori is easy to use and the interface is friendly. Running scenarios is quick and I like the built-in feature that can analyze and determine the proper machining for you if you don’t know what should be used.
    The analysis that is generated for machined components and complex assemblies is highly detailed. This allows me to conduct a comprehensive review and evaluation of the processes.
    aPriori is a powerful addition to our design engineers’ daily arsenal. Design to cost can be accomplished without years of cost modeling or manufacturing process knowledge.

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