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Around the globe, design and manufacturing teams are creating the products of the future with the help of aPriori. With a solution for each stage of your product lifecycle, aPriori provides actionable insights for improved manufacturability, sustainability and product profitability.

Upload any CAD file into our digital factories and aPriori will automatically generate a detailed manufacturability analysis in real time. Furthermore, we will provide your designers, engineers, sourcing specialists and cost engineers with valuable insight into how they can eliminate cost drivers. Let our goal of making complex manufacturing processes simple, and empower your goal of bringing innovative products to market faster.

Explore 3-5x more cost saving design, sourcing and manufacturing alternatives in minutes
Equip your sourcing team with detailed manufacturing data for supplier negotiations
Respond to more business opportunities in the same or less time
aP Pro
The all-in-one solution for your entire product development team. With features including geometric product design analysis and improvement recommendations, design-to-cost monitoring, physics-based manufacturing cost models, and a richly contextual digital factory, your team will finally have the key insights they need to create better products in less time. All in one collaborative and secure database
aP Design
The ultimate automation platform that works seamlessly with aP Generate. Visual tools help your engineers focus on the most important data. Quickly evaluate design alternatives and share changes with your team. Optimize your internal workflows through automated alerts and notifications. And bring critical cost awareness to your design teams.
aP Generate
aP Generate is an automated and collaborative cloud-based software solution that integrates with your organization’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system. Check a new or updated product design into your PLM system, and aP Generate automatically assesses that design for potential manufacturability issues. Identify and resolve cost drivers beginning early in the design phase, avoid costly product redesigns, meet product launch schedules, and maximize profitability.
aP Analytics
aP Analytics is the customizable, easy-to-use, business intelligence reporting solution you’ve been dreaming about. Use aPriori’s out-of-the-box reports for instant insights. Or, build customized, ad-hoc dashboards to make critical business decisions without a heavy lift from IT.
aP Workspace
aP Workspace provides real-time collaboration and unified product design and manufacturing data in a single environment. Users can review product design files and specifications (e.g., 3D CAD), ask for feedback, assign tasks, and manage their own assignments with robust coworking capabilities.

aPriori Services

aPriori’s Professional Services team serves as a strategic business advisor to our customers, helping them to evolve their business practices towards a more cost-conscious culture that is empowered to reduce product costs, accelerate time to market, and increase product innovation.