Optimize Product Profitability

The number-one problem facing manufacturers today is coping with the rising costs of materials, supply chain components, and energy which significantly affects the cost of transporting finished goods to their destination. These macroeconomic factors are eating into corporate profit margins, which ultimately affect shareholder value.

Design features, sourcing decisions, manufacturing process selection, and compliance with sustainability regulations have a significant impact on profits.

The aPriori Manufacturing Insights Platform empowers your product design and sourcing teams to identify and eliminate cost drivers early and often throughout the product development process so that your company can combat inflation and maintain profit margins without reducing headcount.

Here's How it Works


Open your digital twin model in aPriori, enter a few basic inputs such as manufacturing process, volume, and location of manufacture, and then run a manufacturing simulation within an aPriori digital factory. aPriori then rapidly produces a detailed analysis of manufacturing operations and costs. Product teams can also set target costs and receive aPriori alerts when designs exceeds cost thresholds.


Sourcing managers can quickly examine large batches of parts within a commodity group to pinpoint cost outliers and use should cost analysis to negotiate pricing with your suppliers. These and many other features in the aPriori Manufacturing Insights Platform help to drive down product costs by millions of dollars and help you successfully combat inflation.

“Alstom’s team estimates that the Zero RFQ process is driving a 40% savings on recurring costs.”
— Sebastien Giardot, Alstom Product Costing Engineer

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