aP Analytics

Enterprise Business Intelligence Tool That Identifies, Manages, and Reports on Product Costs

aP Analytics delivers an enterprise-quality BI reporting solution to help your product development team members make critical business decisions in seconds. aP Analytics includes web-based reporting, dashboards, ad hoc analysis, out-of-the-box reports, and an automated export of cost data to a data mart.

Identify report authors with your IT team – or work with aPriori Applied Services – to quickly develop customized reports for project tracking, scenario comparison and cost driver analysis.

aP Analytics helps you maximize business performance with high-impact dashboards that deliver trusted, aggregated numbers to your decision makers.

aP Analytics delivers insights that are meaningful, actionable, and of real value to managers, project leads, engineers, and sourcing professionals. Security is important. Set permissions for authoring, viewing, and modifying reports and visualizations.

Product Features

Back Decisions with Detailed Cost Data

Intuitive self-service access to interactive product cost intelligence will help design and sourcing professionals make data-driven decisions without help from cost or manufacturing engineers who may be overloaded with other work.

High-Impact Dashboard for Decision Makers

Design interactive, role-based dashboards. Assemble, personalize, and interact with multiple types of product cost data. Analyze historical information and current data on the same screen to help you quickly move from insight to decision.

Increased Visibility for Cost Management

Securely distribute reports throughout your engineering, manufacturing, and sourcing organizations. Get real-time Design to Cost (DTC) performance and manufacturability recommendations.

Customizable Product Cost Reports

Generate part reports on costs, material usage, and manufacturing issues, with links to aP Design for further analysis.

Powerful Reports Ready Out-of-the-Box

Reports can be fully customized, but powerful cost and manufacturability reports like cost outlier analysis are ready to go. Enable users to answer their own business questions.

Convenient Delivery Method

Develop production reports in a single digital environment and distribute them to the enterprise. Share personalized, interactive reports with users on any device.

Focused Intelligence Using Ad Hoc Analysis

Make cost data readily available to support decision-makers. Ad hoc analysis uses data to quickly answer specific business questions.

Detailed Trend Analysis

Charts and graphs deliver intuitive trend analysis that helps analyze performance, compare time periods, and track performance milestones. Optimize digital manufacturing simulation processes by producing reports that give visibility into critical workflows.

See aP Analytics in action

Powerful business intelligence at your fingertips. See what kinds of reports your business can build in just seconds with aP Analytics. Book a personalized demo today.

“We’ve seen increased cost awareness inside the entire company, from development to production with aPriori Cloud and associated tools such as aP Design and aP Analytics.”
–aP Analytics Customer

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