Manufacturing Engineering

Gain Insights to Optimize and Accelerate Product Manufacturing

Can you keep up with manufacturing complexity? Can you meet your goals for product quality, time to market, and cost? With aPriori, you can.

We provide automated insights (guidance) in real time to evaluate complex scenarios – including product design and raw material options, manufacturing process and routing alternatives, production volumes, and more. You can even compare specific factories down to the machine level.



  • Reduce manufacturing and supply chain risk
  • Optimize manufacturing routings and cycle times with automated insights
  • Compare multiple scenarios quickly to identify the best option
  • Collaborate early with product design to improve manufacturability
  • Evaluate your cost, manufacturability (DFM), and carbon footprint simultaneously

Replace Complexity with Clarity

Use aPriori to pinpoint where cost, manufacturability, and sustainability issues can impact product profitability and cause delays. Use aPriori’s real-time insights to make a greater bottom-line impact on your product designs.

Watch how Dana realized a 4% savings on $100M DFM spend with aPriori in their first year.


  • Automate manufacturing process selection for speed and accuracy
  • Optimize capacity utilization using 3D CAD designs for added precision
  • Identify and eliminate product quality issues quickly with proactive DFM alerts
  • Evaluate make vs. buy decisions and compare manufacturing systems/production line options confidently
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to accelerate problem-solving and drive continuous improvement

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