Identify Product Manufacturability Issues and Cost Drivers Early in the Design Lifecycle

The impact of design mistakes made early in the product definition process are compounded as you progress further in the lifecycle. Manufacturers then need to make engineering change orders to resolve manufacturability and cost-related issues before release to manufacture. This slows down the time to revenue and allows competitors to grab more market share.

With aPriori, the system automatically identifies and highlights on the CAD model any issues that have the potential to slow down or stop manufacturing. Furthermore, aPriori will provide guidance on how to resolve the issue. This is extremely valuable as new, less experienced engineers enter the work force that are not trained in manufacturing strategies.

aPriori’s Manufacturing Insights Platform can help improve productivity for your design and engineering team by identifying and eliminating manufacturability issues before they reach the sourcing, supply chain, or manufacturing teams. This will allow your company to reach the market with new product innovations before your competitors and secure maximum market share.

Here's How it Works


aPriori creates a digital thread that connects the digital product twin to a digital factory twin. By using digital factories to simulate manufacturing in the design phase, engineers can pinpoint potential manufacturability or cost issues early, when there is still time to consider design alternatives. And, because digital factories can run simulations in near real-time, they can offer these benefits without slowing down workflows or impeding innovation. Using digital factory twins, your team can bring products to market faster and accelerate cash flow to your organization.

“aPriori gives me the ability to easily and quickly run multiple scenarios that can provide insight into best cost, optimal manufacturing routing, and geometric features that may raise manufacturability issues.”
— Chief Consulting Engineer, Consumer Durables Industry

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