Episode 32 | February 1, 2023

Can Digital Factories Close the Labor Gap?

Chris Platz | Global Commodity Manager, Woodward

Implementing digital factory twins helped this manufacturer reduce costs amidst a labor shortage.

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Episode 31 | January 26, 2023

What Makes aP Workspace Different

Barton Phinney | Senior Product Manager, aP Workspace

Typical communication channels don’t offer real-time collaboration on design. Plus, organizational knowledge evaporates when skilled engineers move on. aP Workspace solves both problems.

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Episode 30 | January 19, 2023

Cost, Collaboration, and the Path to Zero RFQ

Jegan Dhanapal | Senior Cost Leader, CNH Industrial

In Zero RFQs, the need to request a quote is completely removed thanks to seamless integration between procurement and suppliers.

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Episode 29 | January 12, 2023

The Biggest Manufacturing Challenges of 2023

Stephanie Feraday | CEO, aPriori

At the start of 2023, what threats are keeping execs up at night? CEO Stephanie Feraday reveals the biggest problems facing manufacturing today, and how aPriori is helping to solve them.

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