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Identify & Eliminate Costly Manufacturability Issues Early in the Design Process

Webinar: The Exhausted Engineer

What if there was a way to increase the percentage of your company's new product designs and reduce the time it takes to deliver these new products to market – all without impacting the work load of your engineering team?
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What We Do

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Design to Cost (DTC) software enables manufacturers to quickly identify and eliminate features in your digital twin model that are expensive or impossible to manufacture. Linking your digital twin CAD model with our digital factory allows designers and engineers to simulate the manufacturing process in real time. Eliminating manufacturability issues early in the design lifecycle ultimately helps customers improve profitability of their new product innovations and accelerate time to market.

Launch New Products at or Below Target Cost
Avoid Overpaying for Outsourced Parts
Increase Accuracy & Speed of RFQ Responses

What Our Customers Are Saying

Alstom Saves 40% on Supplier Costs Using aPriori for Should Cost Estimates

Implementing a should cost strategy using aPriori helped global transportation equipment manufacturer, Alstom, to reduce supplier costs by 40%.

General Electric Drives Culture Change with Product Cost Management

Listen to this 20" case study where Daniel Caratini, Executive Product Manager, discusses best practices for building and implementing a Product Cost Management strategy with aPriori.

Spirit AeroSystems Leverages aPriori for Design to Cost

Learn how Spirit is identifying and eliminating cost drivers early in the design process.

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