How Dana Realized a 4% Savings on $100M in the First Year

Terry Hammer, Vice President, Engineering, Dana Light Vehicle Drive Systems, shares how aPriori helped them reach their Design for Manufacturing and cost projection goals.

aPriori has had a huge impact on Dana’s design and cost goals in the first year of partnership. aPriori helps Dana to identify make vs buy opportunities, potential supplier regions, and most importantly, the cost of making a product.

In addition to implementing aPriori’s technology solution, Dana worked closely with aPriori’s Applied Services Team. The latter provided Dana design engineers with the knowledge and insights to better understand how the manufacturing base influences cost.

Once design engineers saw that connection, manufacturability and profitability were quickly aligned, 8% savings of a $100 M spend was identified, and 4% of it has already been achieved in less than a year.


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