Design Engineering

Accelerate Design Innovation & Optimization

Innovation is more than just adding new features, especially because up to 80% of a product’s cost and carbon footprint are locked in during the design stage. With aPriori, you can take your product designs to the next level while augmenting your existing 3D CAD tools and workflows.

We provide real-time cost and manufacturability recommendations – along with sustainability guidance – to help you develop innovative products quickly and confidently.


  • Use your existing CAD & PLM tools – along with aPriori’s intuitive in-app guidance
  • Innovate rapidly with real-time guidance (co-pilot)
  • Collaborate easily with cross-functional teams using built-in collaboration (aP Workspace)
  • Reduce development cycles and rework

Reach a New Level of Design Innovation

Design engineers use aPriori to pinpoint where cost, manufacturability, and sustainability issues can impact product profitability and cause delays. Use aPriori’s real-time analytics to make a more significant bottom-line impact on your product designs.

Watch how Dana realized a 4% savings on $100M DFM spend with aPriori in their first year.


  • Identify opportunities for impactful innovation with powerful simulation
  • Use data-driven guidance to make better design decisions
  • Save time with automation and real-time insights
  • Optimize your design the first time (and reduce design iterations)
  • Proactively identify potential problems that can cause costly delays
  • Compare complex scenarios across cost, DFM, and sustainability in real time

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