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With Accurate, Comprehensive, Fact Based Data for Effective Supplier Collaboration and Negotiation

With supply chains expanding across the globe, demand for high quality products, faster deliveries and cost pressures have increased. It’s no wonder that sourcing managers and buyers are finding it more challenging to ensure orders are placed with the best suppliers that will deliver on time and at the most favorable price. In today’s market, you simply don’t have the time to send an RFQ and wait around for the negotiations to start. The good news is: you don’t have to anymore.

Generate a Detailed Manufacturing Process and Cost Report in Seconds

aPriori enables sourcing managers and buyers to identify the best opportunities for cost savings as well as the suppliers that are best suited to make their parts in the most cost-effective way. aPriori helps you engage your suppliers early in the product development cycle to leverage their manufacturing expertise in a cost collaborative manner so that savings are realized and relationships grow.

Here's how it works:


Analyze every part in your bid package to identify potential manufacturability issues. With insight into DFM issues early on, you can discuss solutions earlier in the process and prevent potential quality issues.
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Choose a part (or an entire group of parts) that you want to analyze for cost. Upload the product designs into aPriori. In just seconds or minutes, you’ll obtain a detailed estimate of the cost and the manufacturing requirements for these parts.
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The results are analyzed to pinpoint which parts may be overpriced and which represent the largest opportunities for saving. With this type of power available at your fingertips, you can analyze an entire group of parts within your assigned commodity group to identify outliers that represent your best and biggest savings potential.
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Armed with detailed cost breakdowns including manufacturing process and cycle-time estimates – you can compare these cost details to your supplier’s quote to identify exactly where the differences lie.
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Now that you have insight into individual costs, and how they roll up to the total, you can have a focused, transparent, and productive conversation with your supplier to address cost differences.
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aPriori’s manufacturing simulation allows you to see the capacity required to produce each part in the RFQ package. View capacity across the machines used to manufacture these parts, by part, and for the package as a whole so you can proactively discuss capacity availability with suppliers.
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    The Benefits of Digital Manufacturing Software

    Leverage Supplier Expertise

    Early identification of potential manufacturability issues will prevent costly and time-consuming ECOs as you are trying to release your hot new products to market.

    Fact-Based Negotiation

    Conduct fact-based negotiations with suppliers to ensure that each part is purchased at a competitive price and the supplier is not losing money.

    Capacity Reporting

    Allow buyers to match the manufacturing requirements of their parts to the supplier’s capabilities. This results in better pricing for the buyer and easier manufacturing for the supplier.

    Save Where You Can

    Focused negotiation on parts that have cost saving opportunities avoids time wasted negotiating a lower price for a part that is already fairly priced.

    Regional Cost Reporting

    Compare costs across targeted regions and assess the cost impact of alternate routings in the event the supply chain is disrupted.

    Improved Time to Market

    By starting with the facts, you can identify the right suppliers fast and accelerate negotiations. And then streamline manufacturing by identifying manufacturability issues they face up front.

    “Using aPriori removes emotion and focuses discussion on the value creation steps of a part. This allows for win-win discussions with suppliers.”
    — Dean Crawmer, Supplier Development Engineer, Parker Hannifin

    aPriori Solutions for Sourcing Professionals

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    aP Generate

    Connect aPriori to your PLM system for automated manufacturing simulation upon check-in of new or modified CAD designs. These initial cost estimates can be refined into a target price.

    aP Analytics

    Provide detailed cost data for your parts. Create custom reports to pinpoint parts that have the most potential for savings and generate reports that help you identify and avoid capacity and quality risks.

    aP Pro

    Generate detailed cost estimates including secondary processes. Simulate the manufacture of your parts to help you conduct more transparent supplier negotiations and better manage supply chain risks.

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