Why aPriori?

aPriori's Proprietary AI Technology Unlocks the Value in Your Digital Twins to Help You Create More Profitable & Sustainable Products

We get results that are absolutely game-changing

Improve Profit Margins

  • Faster time to launch new products at or below target costs
  • Reduced costs in existing product lines
  • Increased EBITDA

Unlock Revenue Growth

  • Win more profitable RFPs
  • Increased revenue/margin
  • Maximized resource allocation

Minimize Risk

  • Hitting product release and deliver dates leads to increased cash flow and revenue
  • Lower manufacturing and overhead costs with improved profitability
  • Less time to get guidance and see clear line of sight to high potential/impactful insights

Achieve Environmental Sustainability Goals

  • Improved company reputation
  • Improved customer and employee acquisition and retention
  • Increased margin by reducing CO2 and energy usage in manufacturing and logistics

Enterprise AI Software

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Too good to be true?

Dana realized a 4% savings on $100M spend in the first year

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How do we deliver these game-changing results?

Our Technology is Revolutionary

Fast automated analysis with minimal inputs:

3D CAD Geometry

Bulk Costing

PLM Integration

A single simulation can deliver...



CO2 Feedback

Out-of-the-box Digital Factories include:




And much, much more...

  • Easy to learn and use by designers, engineers, sourcing, and manufacturing.
  • Analyze manufacturing in nearly 100 regions with supplier capability/supply base models.
  • Collaborate with colleagues across the globe with our new aP Workspace product.

Our Customers Consistently Rate Us as Best-in-Class


Is aPriori Right for You?

Global manufacturers rely on us to reach new heights across profitability, sustainability, and other priorities. Contact us today to see a custom demo using your parts, and explore how to achieve your unique goals.

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