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The Perfect Combination of Supplier Expertise and Automation Makes Manufacturing Cost Estimation Easy

As a supplier, you face a tremendous amount of pressure to quote quickly while making sure that the parts meet quality, delivery, and target cost expectations. All while maintaining profitability for your own business. It’s a big job. Now, it’s much easier to improve your win rates and quote faster with aPriori’s manufacturing simulation software.

Use Accurate Cost Data to Improve Your Win Rate

With aPriori’s manufacturing simulation software, you can rapidly identify key cost components and drivers for products you quote for your customers. aPriori automatically detects potential manufacturability issues for a single part or for an entire bid package. But that’s not all. aPriori analyzes cost variances across a range of manufacturing different routings, materials or regions of the world –all in a matter of minutes.

Here's how it works:


Start by loading your customer’s CAD model into aPriori to estimate and understand the cost of the parts you are quoting.
Automated CAD Cost Quoting from aPriori

Got a larger job in the queue? No problem. Quote an entire bid package with aPriori’s bulk costing function. Get cost estimates for every part in one step.
Automated CAD Cost Quoting from aPriori

Many factors impact cost and you can plan for them all. Add further requirements associated with each part, like paint or heat treatments. Or special quality checks, like X-ray inspection or CMM.
Automated CAD Cost Quoting from aPriori

aPriori will simulate the manufacturing of a part via different routings available in a particular factory or in several factories. Alleviate potential capacity constraints and simulate costs through different routing.
Automated CAD Cost Quoting from aPriori

Both the customer and the supplier can use aPriori’s matrix costing feature to obtain several estimates of the same bid package based on annual volumes, manufacturing locations, or manufacturing order quantities. Best of all? These cost estimates are created automatically.
Automated CAD Cost Quoting from aPriori

aPriori analyzes every part to identify potential manufacturability issues. Collaborate seamlessly with your customers so that extra cost associated with such features can be accounted for. Or even better, be their hero by identifying these costs early enough to enable them to make design changes to reduce their cost (while you maintain your margin).
Automated CAD Cost Quoting from aPriori

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    The Benefits of Digital Manufacturing Software

    Cost Estimation Made Easy

    Quickly generate reliable cost estimates - for one part or your entire bid package.

    Automated Capacity Analysis

    Estimate the capacity required to produce each part in the package - across the machines used to manufacture the parts, by part, and for the package as a whole.

    Simulation in Seconds

    Simulate the manufacture of parts via alternate routings to understand their impact on the associated manufacturing cost.

    Bid Smarter and Faster

    Optimize your bid/no-bid decisions by comparing your current capacity and capabilities with the requirements of the part or package.

    Quote Several Variations

    Seamlessly generate quote package variants based on different annual volumes, manufacturing locations and manufacturing order quantity without having to enter all the information again.

    Identify Design Issues

    Automatically detect potential manufacturability issues to quickly resolve them. Ensure that your estimated cost accounts for manufacturability issues.

    “Using aPriori, we have seen our win rates improve from 15% to 68%!”
    — Mike Perrott, Senior Director, Global Quotes, Flex

    aPriori Solutions for Quoting Professionals

    aP Analytics

    Detailed reports of cost and manufacturing information to accelerate your quote. Quickly identify and avoid capacity and quality risks.

    aP Pro

    Generate detailed cost estimates including secondary processes. Simulate the manufacture of your parts via all possible routings. Collaborate with your customers to optimize design for manufacturability. Save cost and increase profit margins.

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