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Today’s manufacturing leaders are investing in technologies that foster competitive advantage and transform their entire business strategy by leveraging digital solutions. But where should you start? aPriori’s suite of digital manufacturing simulation solutions connects business leaders across the entire product lifecycle to unlock manufacturing insights that save precious time and money – getting your company’s products to market faster. Plus, it integrates with the PLM and ERP systems you’re already using to bring data you already have, together with data that you really need, unlocking those intelligent insights. The future of manufacturing is here.

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Digital manufacturing simulation software from aPriori helps senior leadership to transform the way your organization designs and builds products in the following ways:

Digitization—Simulate your CAD model’s production completely in a digital factory.
Automation—Automate engineering and sourcing processes with critical manufacturing insights.
Integration—Integrate manufacturing and cost data with key systems and get the data you’re missing today.
Collaboration—Enable collaboration across entire teams – and continents – in the cloud.
Commonality—Standardize and streamline processes, using a single platform with common, data insights.

Here's how it works:


For Engineering Leadership

Design engineers get real-time manufacturability and cost feedback data early in the design process. Analyze, prioritize, and easily collaborate with your peers in sourcing and cost engineering.
Engineering Leadership Evaluating a New Product

For Sourcing Leadership

Should-costing and cost-target analysis has never been easier with aPriori’s digital factory solution. Collaborate at a global scale with cloud solutions that make sourcing a more integrated part of the larger team.
Sourcing Leadership Reviewing the Product

For Supplier Leadership

Suppliers rejoice. Your quoting process will become faster, automated, and easy to adjust on the fly. Evaluate costs in other regions around the globe or with different manufacturing processes in just seconds. Increased win rates are in your future.
Product Printouts for Supplier Leadership

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    Digital twin rendering of an engine

    The Benefits of Digital Manufacturing Software

    Stay Competitive

    Accelerate time-to-market and time-to-revenue with higher value products. (In other words: leave your competition in the dust).

    Increase Profitability

    Prioritize your bottom line by reducing the cost of products and increasing your overall profitability.

    Improve Compliance

    Mitigate manufacturability and supply chain risks with more governance, predictability, and visibility.

    Streamline Processes

    Make the day-to-day life of your employees easier with solutions designed specifically for their role.

    “Our customers rely on us to provide solutions that deliver more productivity and cost less. aPriori helps us meet that need. It automates much of the cost optimization that we currently do manually, helping us bring designs into production faster to support critical product schedules and lead times.”
    — Sam Freesmeyer, Vice President at AGCO

    aPriori Solutions for Senior Leadership

    aPriori cost insight generate icon
    aP Generate

    Connect aPriori to your PLM system for automated manufacturing simulation upon check-in of new or modified CAD designs.

    aPriori cost insight design icon
    aP Design

    Run thousands of CAD designs through aPriori to generate a detailed comparison of should cost vs your estimate. Quickly and easily identify outliers that offer potential for re-negotiation, re-bid or re-design.

    aP Analytics

    Detailed reports of cost data for your products. Create custom dashboards to consistently monitor new product initiatives against design to cost targets.

    aP Pro

    Collaborate with other departments and align your design for manufacturability goals with the entire product lifecycle team. From project managers to design engineers to sourcing and supply chain professionals.

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