A secure cloud services platform with innovation in advanced analytics

aPriori & AWS

Secure Cloud Services Platform

aPriori solves key challenges that have plagued OEMs, manufacturers and strategic suppliers for years.  Our Manufacturing Insights Platform creates a seamless workflow that unifies design with sourcing and procurement while delivering incredible analytical insights across functional areas. As manufacturers advance their digital transformation journeys, aPriori on AWS delivers expanded value through new innovations like aP Generate and aP Design. Users can now leverage the scalability and performance of AWS cloud services highlighting early stage product design improvements that save cost and time to market delays in a unified digital thread.

The combination of AWS and aPriori pairs a secure cloud services platform with innovation in advanced analytics. aPriori integrates product data, PLM systems, and CAD applications to automate manufacturing simulation on a single platform to deliver actionable insights for immediate process and design improvements.

aPriori is both an Amazon Partner Network (APN) Industrial Software Competency and Advanced Technology Partner. In oil and gas, pharmaceutical, utilities, and power generation verticals, aPriori has worked with numerous AWS customers to improve production and business outcomes. aPriori has passed AWS requirements that meet the “well architected for AWS” standard.

Here's how it works:

Amazon Aurora delivers data storage with rock-solid reliability by copying data across three AZs, with read-replica database instances automatically ready to take over as the primary read-write instance in case of failover. Amazon Aurora’s optimized storage tier accelerates MySQL and PostrgreSQL operation by moving many functions in-memory. And with AES-256 encryption for data at-rest standard across all datastores and TLS for data in-transit you can rest easy that your data remains secure.
Amazon S3 brings the same encryption plus 99.999999999% data durability with 99.99% availability for file-based storage.
Amazon’s managed Kafka service streams your reporting data as events occur to your reporting database, lifting any reporting overhead from your transactional databases, allowing you to build reports whenever you need them.
Computing horsepower from Amazon’s EC2 servers powers aPriori’s deep geometric analyses to deliver costing and DFM insights about your designs with the availability and failover capabilities that have make Amazon the leader of cloud computing.
And if a native cloud capability isn’t enough, Amazon AppStream brings the full power of aP Pro through the cloud to you. With AppStream, you don’t need your own datacenter to host aP Pro, but you’ll get a user experience that will feel like you are.