CIMdata Webinar Nov 8: Optimal Lifecycle Costing is a Team Sport

by Rick Burke on

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On November 8, at 11am, take a break from Election Day madness and hear CIMdata Vice President of Research, Stan Przybylinski, discuss the current state of product cost management in the global manufacturing market.  The presentation will include highlights of the Commentary Article released by CIMdata on October 11, title “Optimal Lifecycle Costing is a Team Sport” [download this article].

Key Takeaways of the Article and the Webinar

  • In most companies, product cost and manufacturing knowledge and requirements are spread across different functions and information systems
  • Competitive pressures to win business are forcing companies to make decisions earlier in the lifecycle, making it more difficult to get disconnected functions to bid to win and to make money
  • The most successful companies take a team approach to product costing, fostering collaboration among design engineers, cost engineers, manufacturing, and supply chain management
  • aPriori designed their solutions to support the deep subject matter expertise needed to simulate manufacturing processes cost effectively within a collaboration environment that helps teams meet their market requirements and costing objectives

Interview with aPriori Executives

The webinar will also include an interview portion where Mr. Przybylinski will interview aPriori President & CEO, Stephanie Feraday and aPriori Vice President of Strategic Marketing & Product Management, Julie Driscoll.  With more than 20 years of experience in the product cost management industry between them, this portion of the program should provide attendees with significant insight into the strategies that help global manufacturers successfully implement programs to improve product profitability.

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