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May 16, 2023

PTC and aPriori Advance Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) today announced it is expanding its relationship with aPriori to support manufacturers’ environmental sustainability goals in the areas of product dematerialization and manufacturing efficiency.

PTC and aPriori will pursue greater interoperability between Windchill and aPriori’s aP Pro, aP Design, and aP Generate software. Together, these solutions enable designers to review designs in CAD and PLM and generate reports for part costs, manufacturability, and environmental footprint. If changes are required, aPriori’s software can generate recommendations for improvements for the designers. This process can increase the likelihood of making changes before excessive costs and footprint are committed.

“Manufacturers today face constant pressure to simultaneously increase profitability and sustainability,” said Stephanie Feraday, President and Chief Executive Officer, aPriori. “aPriori is uniquely positioned to provide automated manufacturing insights to cut costs, reduce carbon emissions, and improve productivity from early product design through production. Expanding our PTC relationship will help PTC customers capitalize on the full breadth of our capabilities, and their PTC investments, to make product decisions quickly and confidently.”

“Environmental sustainability is a top priority for many manufacturing companies, and we believe that PTC and partners like Ansys and aPriori have meaningful roles to play in reducing the overall footprint of the products that we use every day,” said Catherine Kniker, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, PTC. “This is a real market opportunity for PTC, our partners, and our customers, but more importantly it’s meaningful work that impacts more than business.”

aPriori Sustainability Highlights at LiveWorx

At PTC LiveWorx® this week, aPriori is delivering four presentations focused on manufacturing insights for sustainability, cost, and manufacturability:

1. Unlock Manufacturing Insights from Your Creo Digital Twins: Learn how Carrier Corporation is using aPriori to help transform its business. And see how to connect PTC Creo digital product twins to aPriori’s digital process twins and digital factory twins. (Learn more.)

2. Design for Sustainability with Creo and aPriori: PTC and aPriori share sustainability tips and best practices for the early design phase. (Learn more.)

3. Optimize Designs for Profitability, Manufacturability & Sustainability: See how aPriori is enabling product development teams to unlock value from their digital twins and bringing winning products to market faster. (Get more details.)

4. Drive Cost Savings & Reduce Manufacturing Risk with Automated Insights: Come see how to leverage Windchill, Creo, and aPriori’s Manufacturing Insights to increase profits and reduce manufacturing risks. (Learn more.)

Read the full PTC press release here: PTC Advances Environmental Sustainability Initiatives.

About aPriori

aPriori provides a unique, end-to-end digital twin solution that empowers manufacturers to unlock and identify new opportunities rapidly for innovation, growth, cost savings, and sustainability. With aPriori, customers achieve a ~600% ROI within three years and payback within six months of adopting our software platform. And companies use our automated manufacturing insights to reduce product cost, improve productivity, and reduce their products’ carbon footprint. aPriori also boosts manufacturers’ digital thread investments to deliver business value at scale, increase agility, and minimize risk. To learn more about aPriori’s cloud and on-premise solutions, visit


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