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Digital Thread

What is a digital thread?

The digital thread is a cornerstone of digital transformation because it connects manufacturing teams and data that have been traditionally siloed. A digital thread links and integrates data across multiple applications and systems across product development, manufacturing, and other business operations.

Manufacturers that weave a digital thread throughout the product development lifecycle can take advantage of feature-rich data collected from digital twins, product lifecycle management (PLM) systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and other applications.

How does a digital thread work?

The digital thread works by integrating data from different systems and processes, creating a unified digital representation of a product. This enables seamless data flow and collaboration across various stages of the manufacturing process to support data-driven decision-making and efficiency.

How do digital threads and digital twins work together?

The digital thread ties together multiple digital twins and data from related digitalization applications. It connects the digital twin and product information including sourcing, manufacturing, and field service data. And, it can extend business processes across traditionally distinct operations (e.g., product design and sourcing).

What are the digital thread benefits for manufacturers?

Digital thread adoption in manufacturing enhances collaboration and efficiency by providing a unified view of the product lifecycle, improves product quality through informed decision-making, and leads to faster product development. Additionally, it identifies inefficiencies, leading to cost savings, and provides agility and flexibility in responding to market demands.

How are Manufacturers using Digital Threads?

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