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March 28, 2023

aPriori Expands its Reach to Provide Canadian Manufacturers with Powerful Cost & Sustainability Insights

CONCORD, MASS. aPriori is addressing the growing demand for its manufacturing insights platform by establishing a dedicated sales and customer support team for Canada. aPriori empowers product manufacturers to reduce cost, CO2e emissions, and risk while also increasing manufacturability and time to market.

aPriori now provides added support and responsiveness for discrete manufacturers headquartered in Canada and multinational corporations with factories located there. With aPriori, customers achieve a ~600% ROI within three years and payback within six months of adopting our software platform. Read the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study to learn more.

“Inflation, new sustainability requirements, and other market pressures require manufacturing teams to understand how seemingly small changes in product design, material selection, or factory location can significantly impact profit margins and other critical business factors,” said John Haller, Chief Revenue Officer, aPriori. “Our expanded sales resources are positioned to help Canadian manufacturers use aPriori’s insights to accelerate decision-making with confidence to reach their business goals.”

Current Canadian customers include Soucy, a Quebec-based manufacturer that develops components for motorsports, industrial, agricultural, and defense vehicles. The 1,700-person company has been using aPriori for more than five years to run cost analysis globally across China, Vietnam, the United States, and other countries to determine which regions, processes, and costs are most effective.

Additionally, Soucy needed to accelerate its quoting process to increase its win rates. By partnering with aPriori, Soucy has reduced its quoting times from nine days to 2.5 days, and has generated more business as a result. Read more about Soucy’s gains using aPriori.

Some of the world’s most innovative and sustainable manufacturers use aPriori, including Boeing, Danfoss, GE, Thales, Vestas, Navistar, and Toyota. Learn more about aPriori manufacturing success stories.

About aPriori

aPriori provides a unique, end-to-end digital twin solution that empowers manufacturers to unlock and identify new opportunities rapidly for innovation, growth, cost savings, and sustainability. With aPriori, customers achieve a ~600% ROI within three years and payback within six months of adopting our software platform. And companies use our automated manufacturing insights to reduce product cost, improve productivity, and reduce their products’ carbon footprint. aPriori also boosts manufacturers’ digital thread investments to deliver business value at scale, increase agility, and minimize risk. To learn more about aPriori’s cloud and on-premise solutions, visit

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