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November 15, 2022

aPriori Sustainability Insights Enables Manufacturers to Reduce their Carbon Impact; and Evaluate Product Cost, CO2e, and Performance Trade-offs

CONCORD, MASS. aPriori today introduced Sustainability Insights for manufacturers to measure, reduce, and report on their products’ carbon footprint during product design and production. By adding CO2e emissions data, aPriori provides the only manufacturing intelligence platform to optimize products for cost, manufacturability, and sustainability. Importantly, aPriori measures greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions throughout a manufacturer’s supply chain (Scope 3).

“Manufacturers often struggle to implement sustainability initiatives to address growing customer and investor demands for ‘green’ products and to comply with looming climate-related disclosure mandates,” said Stephanie Feraday, aPriori President and Chief Executive Officer. “aPriori provides powerful new insights for manufacturers to reduce their product carbon footprint. And we enable manufacturers to evaluate trade-offs and optimize product designs and production for cost, sustainability, and performance on a single platform.”

 aPriori Sustainability Users and Early Adopters

aPriori’s manufacturing sustainability technology is already commercially deployed. One multinational commercial vehicle manufacturer worked with aPriori to extend its digital factory capabilities to include sustainability insights. Additionally, leading manufacturers including Carrier, Grundfos, and Heliogen are participating in aPriori’s Sustainability Insights Early Adopter program.

“Since signing up for aPriori’s Early Adopter Program, Carrier has been using it to determine how carbon affects our die-cast and plastic parts and to help us to see the best ways to remove CO₂e in design. We plan to add this aPriori capability to our current aPriori-PLM integration so each part design will have carbon footprint data in our PLM system,” said Tristan Abend, Manager of Value Engineering, Carrier Corporation. “There is a lot of excitement at Carrier about sustainability and using aPriori to meet our sustainability goals.”

aPriori Sustainability Insights Overview

Product design determines up to 80% of a product’s cost – along with its environmental impact and lifetime emissions. And aPriori’s Manufacturing Insights Platform provides companies with insights to optimize product design, manufacturing processes, sourcing, and carbon footprint to accelerate time to market and revenues. Through collaboration and automation, the aPriori Manufacturing Insights Platform connects design engineers, cost engineers, sourcing/procurement, sustainability, and supply chain teams.

aPriori now integrates ecoinvent’s respected life cycle inventory database into its simulation engine. Our Manufacturing Insights Platform provides customers with capabilities that include:

  • Evaluate CO₂e alongside cost to improve sustainability without harming profitability
  • Identify the most significant contributors to CO₂e emissions and product cost
  • Run complex design and manufacturing scenarios to reach CO₂e, cost, and manufacturability goals in minutes, including:
    • Make design changes and conduct trade-off analysis
    • Simulate multiple manufacturing processes
    • Evaluate alternative materials
    • Investigate the impact of using alternative suppliers
  • Gain full transparency and visibility regarding cost, sustainability, and manufacturability
  • Assess alternate manufacturing regions to determine the impact on carbon, cost, and performance

 Learn More at aPriori’s 10th Annual Conference

Join us at the aPriori Manufacturing Insights Conference – November 15-16 in Boston – for strategies and new aPriori technology to address sustainability, inflation, improve productivity, capitalize on digitalization/digital thread capabilities, and navigate supply chain uncertainty.

And get real-world insights from presenters including Accenture, AGCO, Caresoft, Kone, Signify, Woodward, and more. aPriori will also provide live demonstrations of its new solutions:  Sustainability Insights and aP Workspace.

Availability for aPriori Manufacturing Sustainability Insights

Sustainability Insights will be available in Q1 2023 for aPriori Manufacturing Insights Platform cloud and on-premise customers. Visit our sustainability web page for more information.

About aPriori

aPriori provides a unique, end-to-end digital twin solution that empowers manufacturers to unlock and identify new opportunities rapidly for innovation, growth, cost savings, and sustainability. With aPriori, customers achieve a ~600% ROI within three years and payback within six months of adopting our software platform. And companies use our automated manufacturing insights to reduce product cost, improve productivity, and reduce their products’ carbon footprint. aPriori also boosts manufacturers’ digital thread investments to deliver business value at scale, increase agility, and minimize risk. To learn more about aPriori’s cloud and on-premise solutions, visit


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 Note: CO2e refers to carbon dioxide equivalent.