aPriori CEO to Present at International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition

by Rick Burke on

On November 15, aPriori’s President & CEO, Stephanie Feraday, will deliver a presentation to the audience of the International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition in Pittsburgh, PA.


Presentation Abstract

Today, manufacturers are being pressured by customers to develop more flexible products that can be easily configured to meet local market preferences. Combine this challenge with a distributed product development environment where teams are scattered across the globe and comprise both internal resources and strategic suppliers. This often results in a highly eclectic mash-up of design ideas, cultural preferences, languages and time zones that make delivering a competitive product to market on time and at target cost nearly impossible. Profit margins suffer and market share is eroded as new, more nimble competitors get to market faster. However, a recent willingness on the part of leading manufacturers to explore progressive project management approaches like Agile and Scrum, combined with modern product cost management business strategies and software technology, are enabling manufacturers to more effectively manage product development, accelerate time to market, and improve product profitability. In this session you will learn how concepts like simulation driven design, supplier innovation, and product development and cost management in the cloud are enabling visionary product teams to overcome the challenges of working in a complex and dynamic global environment.


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If you would like more information on aPriori’s design for manufacturability and cost solutions or to set up a private meeting at the ASME IMECE, please send us an email at

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