Expert Services Consultant

Belfast Northern Ireland

Job Description:

The Expert Services Consultant is a senior technical consulting role which acts as a strategic advisor to the client, advising and executing on technical activities that will help them achieve their cost management goals. The Expert Services Consultant is responsible for providing expert guidance in best practices, advising on technical and strategic items to enhance the customers’ ability to use the aPriori solution effectively, and executing all other technical requests that may arise as the customer’s business needs evolve. This is accomplished through aPriori product expertise, awareness of each customer’s unique environment, expert advisement, and technical and strategic execution.

The Expert Services Consultant builds relationships with the customer project team to develop an understanding of their business and technical needs, then works to implement solutions that will expand the value aPriori can provide. The outcome of success in this role is working with the aPriori Client Manager to ensure the customer is realizing value from aPriori, secure the customer’s ongoing commitment to software and services subscriptions, and the identification of expansion opportunities for additional software and services.

This is a great opportunity for an experienced mechanical engineer to focus their technical and consulting skills, and partner with aPriori Client Managers to ensure their customers exceed their cost management goals.

• Development of multiple customer relationships to drive product adoption and satisfaction and ensure customer is leveraging solution to achieve full business value
• Handles the project management and execution of the technical aspects of the project, including solution configuration, user training, and usage mentoring.
• Understands the strategic elements of the account to ensure technical solutions support strategy
• Works with project team with the goal of understanding all use cases, projects customer is working on, value generation activities, and results tracking
• Leads product configuration, building spreadsheet and web-based reports, calibration of cost models, building Access Controls, implementing regional VPEs, implementing best practices, user mentoring, part costing and workflow development efforts
o Though the Expert Services Consultant may not perform all of the above mentioned work, they will gather requirements, formulate design, and include other resources as needed
• Builds and demonstrates expertise on aPriori software and service offerings and how these can enhance the value customer is getting out of aPriori
• Awareness of adoption and utilization trends, as well as helps to drive renewals
• Ensures customer allocates all monthly contracted hours to support their value goals

Skill Requirements
• BS or MS in Mechanical, Industrial, Manufacturing, or Software Engineering
• Recommended minimum experience is 3 years total technical experience
o Prior technical consulting experience is a plus
• Excellent communication and facilitation skills, both internal and external
• Technical knowledge of the product and in various manufacturing processes
• Knowledge in Product Design, Manufacturing, Cost Management, Sourcing, Supplier Negotiation, and Design-To-Cost
• Strong organization skills and the ability to balance multiple accounts
• Project management skills, including project planning, risk management, status updates
• Comfort interacting and communicating with customer project sponsors, project team members, and individuals
• Demonstrated success working on project teams with a record of high customer adoption and satisfaction
• Demonstrated ability to identify risks that may impact the success of the deployment and determine appropriate mitigating actions
• Demonstrated ability to support the development of a customer’s business solution, assess customer needs, and identify actions to meet those needs and support the strategy & goals
• Strong consulting skillset, ability to effectively respond to objectives and high-stress situations, and ability to guide the customer to the best supported solution

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