Cost Modeler

Belfast, Northern Ireland

This individual will be responsible for the development and support of mechanistic process and cost models for a constantly growing list of manufacturing processes that are integrated into aPriori’s Product Cost Management Software. Processes include machining processes, welding, assembly, plastic part fabrication, finishing, and casting. Successful candidates should be comfortable with 3D CAD systems and should understand how design factors, such as part geometry and tolerances, impact the manufacturing time, material utilization, yield, tool wear, and other cost drivers for many manufacturing processes. Moreover, the candidate must be able to research and study new processes and work with customers and others to understand the process and abstract what drives cost in the process. As the cost models are mechanistic/algorithmic in nature, programming experience is also very important.

Specific Responsibilities
• Research and develop expert knowledge in various manufacturing processes and Design for Manufacturability (DFM) concepts.
• Master the use of the company’s cost modelling platform to develop cost models that will estimate part and tooling costs.
• Design and build cost models to simulate the manufacturing activities of that manufacturing process.
• Participate and add value to design reviews of process and cost models other modelers are creating.
• Work with aPriori’s Professional Services group supporting customer evaluations and implementations.

Required Background and Abilities
• Minimum BS in Mechanical, Manufacturing, or Industrial Engineering.
• Senior level – PHD Mechanical Manufacturing, or Industrial Engineering a plus
• Understand manufacturing processes from a cost point of view and be able to de-couple the ideas and concepts that are critical to drive the major components of cost in the process.
• Ability to assemble large varieties of information about manufacturing processes (some of which may be new to the individual) together into a coherent mechanistic model.
• Expertise with a variety of manufacturing processes is a plus.
• Programming or other experience in automating calculation/decision support or mathematical modelling (e.g. Spreadsheets, Statistical Analysis Packages, etc.) experience desired.

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