DevOps Engineer

Belfast, Northern Ireland

aPriori provides discrete manufacturers and product innovation companies with the most technologically advanced and comprehensive product cost management software available on the market today. We are looking for a DevOps engineer to make help manage our Cloud platform and modernize our existing build infrastructure. Ideal candidates will have experience with common DevOps methodologies, be proficient in working with distributed AWS environments, know the ins and outs of automation, security, and shared services (monitoring, logging, metrics), and be able to bridge the gap between engineering and ops.

• Build shared services using Terraform
• Design and implement our deployment automation and orchestration strategy
• Implement availability, security, and performance monitoring and alerting
• Interact with data stores like RDS and ElastiCache
• Craft and evolve our Appstream strategy for our aPriori Professional product
• Perform AWS management via command line and console
• Containerize (preferably with Docker) and auto-scale infrastructure components
• Design CI/CD pipelines to include application and security testing
• Automate data resiliency and replication based on policies

• Significant experience designing and supporting production cloud environments
• Strong experience crafting and implementing an overall security architecture
• Experienced developing collaboratively, including infrastructure as code
• Minimum of 2 years of relevant professional experience and fluency in automating infrastructure, in languages ideally including Python and Powershell
• Bachelors degree in IT or related field. Masters preferred.

Your technical friends would say you:
• Really grok your CI (ideally Jenkins) and source control systems (Git or SVN)
• Live and breathe scalable infrastructure
• Embrace the DevOps way and understand what it means to “Always be Shipping”
• Make things work, get things done and are a great communicator

Your non-tech friends might even say you:
• Take your work seriously, but you don’t take yourself too seriously
• Enjoy mentoring others and leading by example
• Love to learn new things and can do so quickly
• Like working in teams
• Leave things better than you found them

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