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Creating a Cost Classification System

The nature of product development is that details about components emerge … evolve … and solidify over time. A component may start out as a concept sketch with rough dimensional information. Over time that

Integrating Cost Analysis into Simulation-Driven Design

SIMULIA Great Lakes Region – User Group Meeting Simulation software has been helping engineering analysts identify potential performance problems in product designs for many years.  Recent technology advancements in this field have concentrated on

Strategies for Successful Design-to-Cost Initiatives

Interview with aPriori Client Engagement Manager, Rick Hyde Question: As I understand it Rick, you are an engineer by trade and then you moved into supply chain and cost management. Can you talk about

Imagine This! The Future of Manufacturing & Product Cost Management

Michael Doyle | September 29, 2016 ,

Many manufacturing futurists paint a world of smaller, localized factories using additive manufacturing technologies and custom assembly as the norm (with far less reliance on mass production assembly). Much of the custom assembly will

The Right DFM Tools Will Reduce Product Costs & Development Time

Tobias Tauber | September 15, 2016

The world of product development is changing. Globalization has offered new potentials for companies to grow their business, but also created increased pressure at the same time since global markets also create global competition.

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