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How to Get a Fair Price on Parts For Your NPI

When you’re sourcing NPI parts, you could have two different types. One is brand new parts – parts you have never purchased before that are not similar to any other parts. The other is

aPriori CEO State of the PCM Market Address

Rick Burke | March 18, 2016

Stephanie Feraday, President & CEO of aPriori NA STARS Kickoff Presentation, Feb 7 The world is more connected than ever making it very challenging to assess how events impact our businesses. A great example

Highlights of the 4th Annual STARS Customer Conference

If You Missed It… The aPriori STARS Customer Conference is becoming THE most important event of the year for leading practitioners of Product Cost Management.  Between February 8 and 10, more than 120 people

We Are Building Some Serious Momentum!

4th Annual NA STARS Customer Conference a Big Success As aPriori’s VP of Marketing, I had the honor of hosting our 4th Annual North American STARS Customer Conference at the magnificent JW Marriott Phoenix

How to Use Fact-Based Negotiation to Get the Best Price on Existing Components

Conducting fact-based negotiations is an effective cost reduction strategy when sourcing existing components. In this post, I will explain how to leverage a product cost management (PCM) platform to conduct fact-based negotiations and provide

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