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How Should-Cost Data Helps You Make Informed Purchasing Decisions

Chris Catalini | September 1, 2016

Here at aPriori, we love to grill. Whether it is behind our office for after hours beach volleyball or at the Villa Benz in Stuttgart Germany at our STARS conference. It is a fun

The Real Economic Order Quantity

Traditional Economic Order Quantity Open any Operations Management book or Operational Accounting book and you will see a figure, much like the one below (Fig. 1), used to describe what we have come to

Your Trusted Advisor | The Should-Cost Benchmark

The Need for a Trusted Advisor As a new homeowner I do not have a lot of expertise when it comes to home repairs. So, when I had to tackle the intimidating task of

Your Should-Cost Estimate Is NOT Accurate, But That’s Okay

Tobias Tauber | July 21, 2016 ,

As manufacturing companies are feeling increased pressure to improve, and in the worst-case scenario, secure their margins, should-costing has become a valid strategy for reducing product costs (see Figure 1). Manufacturers are continuously striving

Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend Our European STARS PCM Conference

Rick Burke | June 9, 2016 ,

There are probably about 20 or 30 good reasons why you should attend the 3rd Annual European STARS Product Cost Management Conference, but you’d probably get bored reading them all and click over to

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