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Tackle These Ongoing Manufacturing Challenges Once and For All

 | July 5, 2022

There is a saying, “What you resist, persists.” If you are like many manufacturers, you are facing numerous ongoing manufacturing challenges. Thanks in part to inflation, at the current churn rate, approximately half the S&P 500 companies today will be replaced over the next 10 years. Just 12% of all corporate change efforts fully succeed, with sustainability initiatives even lower at a paltry 4%. Supply chain disruptions and labor shortages also continue. The faster you address these manufacturing challenges, the better.

Manufacturers continue to face mounting pressures that affect productivity, time to market and the ability to remain competitive, as well as the bottom line. How can manufacturers overcome these manufacturing challenges, while preparing for the future?

Peruse the links below for the issue(s) most relevant to your enterprise. Discover how manufacturing simulation can help you tackle the problem and improve your operations.

Address Labor Shortages: Discover how early manufacturing insights can be leveraged to address labor shortages and their associated issues. Break down design, cost, and sourcing silos and enable teams across the enterprise to collaborate more efficiently and cost-effectively- as part of PLM integration.

Circumvent Supply Chain Issues: Supply chain issues require executives to reevaluate their options quickly to maintain production and defend against margin pressure. Learn how some companies are using manufacturing insights to identify immediate alternatives. Want more on this subject? Check out 5 ways manufacturers can fix strategic sourcing and drive value.

Get Ahead of Inflation: Find out how manufacturing simulation can be used to help you identify losses on your company’s financial balance sheet. Using detailed cost data, strengthen your position with your customers when discussing price increases.

Rein In Costs and Boost Profitability: Get an overview of product costing software and how it enhances cost analysis processes for cost engineers. Learn how to leverage the software to create a cost-first culture for companies. Want more on costs? Focus on accelerating time to market with cost engineering.

Implement Impactful Sustainability Initiatives: Explore how design engineering expertise, combined with manufacturing simulation, can reduce – even eliminate – risks such as supply chain disruptions, inflation, and material and labor shortages.

No time to read? No problem.

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