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6 Design for Manufacture Insights for Speed and Profitability

 | July 27, 2023

Key Takeaway:

  • Explore aPriori’s latest blogs, podcasts, and video insights to improve manufacturability

The Full Article:

Global innovators understand that early design decisions can determine up to 80% of a product’s total manufacturing cost. But how can they integrate Design for Manufacture or Manufacturing (DFM) analysis into the design stage to create competitive, value-driven products?

This article addresses the question by compiling our most popular manufacturability content of the year so far.

Top Design for Manufacturing Blogs: Optimizing Products for Cost and Production

How to Unlock Speed and Savings With DFM Software: Discover how advanced DFM solutions replicate real-world manufacturing conditions to enhance decision-making during the initial design process. Further, learn how automated DFM software can reduce design iterations, improve innovation, accelerate time to market (TTM), and more.

3 Opportunities to Enhance Manufacturing Agility and Reduce Risk: Manufacturing Insights like aPriori can help identify cost-saving opportunities, reduce lead times, and optimize production processes in the supply chain. Manufacturing Insights also enables agile decision-making, diversifies sourcing strategies, and provides real-time data to help overcome inflationary and geopolitical issues.

Actionable Digital Transformation Strategies for Manufacturing: Discover how digital manufacturing solutions enable product development teams to run “what-if” scenarios and simulate the product life cycle to improve time to market, innovation, and profitability.

Two Must-Listen Podcast Episodes to Improve Design for Manufacture Processes

Podcast Episode 41: Design to Value for Product Development: Hear as Neel Gupte, VP of Engineering for Dover Food Retail, discusses how software can accelerate value creation in new product designs. And hear how to balance Design to Value (DTV) and Design to Cost (DTC) initiatives to satisfy customer needs at lower costs.

Podcast Episode 33: Digitization Cuts Product Development Times from Months to Hours: How does digitalizing product development processes accelerate TTM, reduce costs, and increase time for innovation? Uyiosa Abusomwan, Sr. Global Technology Manager & Chief Engineer for Eaton, answers the question in this insightful podcast.

Want to hear more insights from senior manufacturing executives? Browse the latest Manufacturing Insights Podcast episodes here or on your favorite audio streaming application, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Watch How to Reduce Manufacturing Costs in the Early Stages of Product Design

Design Engineering Tips for Reducing Manufacturing Costs on New Product Designs: Watch our step-by-step tips to reduce new product development costs. This includes how to identify manufacturability and cost issues early in the design phase. And how to evaluate the true cost of raw materials, suppliers/locations, manufacturing processes, and more.

Want additional video insights? Explore our latest manufacturability videos here.

Bonus Design for Manufacture Content: AGCO Saves Up to $30 Million With aPriori

How AGCO Streamlines Manufacturability Analysis With aPriori: See how AGCO leverages aPriori’s automated digital factories to standardize cost modeling procedures across its global sites. Through the power of aPriori, AGCO’s product cost optimization team identified up to $30 million in potential savings.

De-Risking New Product Development for a Competitive Advantage

A comprehensive design for manufacture methodology enables companies to build products faster and within target costs, resulting in higher profit margins and long-term growth.

By applying the insights presented in this article, manufacturers can effectively reduce risks in new product development and gain a competitive edge.

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