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Watch Our Top-5 ‘Hot Take’ Videos on Tackling Challenges in Manufacturing

 | February 27, 2024

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore aPriori’s most popular “Hot Take” videos for profitability, sustainability, and innovation
  • Get perspectives from industry leaders to overcome supply chain disruptions and other manufacturing challenges

The Full Article:

Our new “Hot Take” video series features insights from seasoned leaders on how to tackle challenges in the manufacturing industry. Choose from nearly 20 new videos to learn how manufacturing innovators are addressing challenges, from navigating supply chain disruptions to embracing automation-driven new technologies to streamline decision-making.

We’ve provided highlights from our five most popular “Hot Take” videos below to show you the range of experts and topics that we are covering:

1) Enhancing Manufacturing Efficiency with aPriori to Achieve a 15% Cost Reduction

Chad Wicklund, Director of Project Management for Sourcing at Genie, discusses how aPriori has been integrated into design and sourcing processes. He explains how Genie previously relied on competitive costing.

With aPriori, the manufacturer receives a real-time examination of cost drivers, including labor costs, cycle times, and raw material characteristics. This enabled Genie to achieve a substantial 15% reduction in costs for critical steel parts amid manufacturing industry challenges. (Watch the interview with Genie.)

2) PTC: Fueling Manufacturing Business Growth with Strategic Sustainability

Catherine Kniker, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at PTC, outlines the ever-changing role of corporate sustainability. She reveals that 87% of PTC’s customers have sustainability goals.

She further explained that PTC helps its customers by implementing environmental objectives into the entire product life cycle. This includes factors such as design, manufacturing processes, service, and end-of-life management. (Watch the PTC interview.)

3) Beyond Borders: How to Navigate Global Upheaval with Peter Zeihan

Renowned geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan forecasts a significant shift away from globalization – arguing that today’s international structure is unraveling due to security concerns.

He also details how global manufacturing challenges such as military conflicts, high international shipping prices, and skilled worker shortages are interconnected – and could lead to catastrophe for the manufacturing industry.

Zeihan also delves into his support for reshoring or nearshoring to address labor shortages. (Watch the interview with Peter Zeihan.)

4) Sustainable Supply Chain Management Excellence at TE Connectivity

Sylwia Lambert, Director of CoE Procurement – Cost Analytics at TE Connectivity, provides insight into the diverse manufacturing challenges faced by the company’s numerous business units.

Additionally, she emphasizes the significance of adopting digitalization technologies like aPriori to improve the efficiency of a limited cost engineering team. Alongside improving cost-reduction operations, she highlights the importance of sustainability and aligning TE Connectivity’s science-based targets to remain competitive and profitable. (Watch the TE Connectivity video.)

5) Discover How Industry 4.0 Insights Drive Innovation at Eaton

Uyiosa Abusomwan, Ph.D., plays a critical role in driving digital transformation at Eaton. In this video, he discusses the integration of technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence (AI), predictive maintenance, and additive manufacturing.

Watch the video to learn how technological advancements are transforming business practices, production processes, and sustainability. In addition, you will gain insight into using data to overcome challenges in manufacturing and improve engineering decisions. (Watch the Eaton video.)

Explore more interviews in our video library to learn more about achieving manufacturing excellence.

Overcome Challenges in Manufacturing and Capitalize on New Opportunities for Success

Our most popular “Hot Take” videos offer invaluable insights for tackling challenges in manufacturing. From reducing costs to improving sustainability and innovation, manufacturing organizations gain the knowledge to navigate complex issues and deliver quality products that surpass customer expectations.

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