aPriori & PTC

Learn how aPriori integrates with PTC to provide crucial CO2 information right from the design stage.

aPriori is proud to be recognized as a leader in sustainability by PTC’s Partner Network Awards.

Catherine Kniker, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at PTC, said, “Environmental sustainability is a top priority for many manufacturing companies, and we believe that PTC and partners like aPriori have meaningful roles to play in reducing the overall footprint of the products that we use every day.”
Together, PTC Windchill and aPriori solutions enable designers to review designs in CAD and PLM and automatically get feedback on the cost, manufacturability, and carbon footprint of their products.

"We at Carrier use Windchill as our main PLM system around the world. So aPriori approached us with a solution — integrating aPriori directly in Windchill. aPriori itself is the leader as far as providing cost insight in the hands of these engineers --$24 million is what we found in potential value from our analyses in 2022. Now, as well as getting manufacturability knowledge, they also get sustainability knowledge utilizing this simple workflow."

- Tristan Abend, Carrier

In his latest presentation at PTC LiveWorx, aPriori's CMO Philippe Adam describes how aPriori unlocks manufacturability, profitability, and sustainability insights for users of PTC.
Windchill initiates aPriori’s analysis upon a defined trigger, such as a workflow state change, project milestone, or component check-in. Automatically, aPriori’s reports with DFM rating, DTC, and CO2 are written back in Windchill, sending out summary emails to all team members.