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aPriori’s Top-7 Most Popular Procurement Posts of 2022

 | December 20, 2022

This past year has underscored how manufacturing procurement and sourcing strategies can make or break a company. In 2022, we covered procurement from multiple angles – including how to address supply chain disruptions due to the war in Ukraine, and steps that manufacturers are taking to advance sustainable sourcing.

For details, check out our magnificent seven most popular sourcing and procurement blog posts for 2022.

Top-7 Manufacturing Challenges for 2023

What are the biggest challenges facing manufacturers and suppliers in 2023? Navigating economic headwinds, supply chain instability, sustainable manufacturing, and the workforce skills gap are poised to top the list. Read our 2023 outlook for our perspective on key challenges and associated opportunities for the coming year.

Sustainable Sourcing Strategies that also Improve the Bottom Line

Forward-thinking companies are making sustainability a core business focus. aPriori examines four areas where sustainable sourcing is central to driving business practices that achieve net-zero goals.

5 Ways Manufacturers can Fix Strategic Sourcing & Drive Value

Procurement teams need agility and speed to succeed in today’s competitive environment. But this is challenging because many procurement operations are still overwhelmingly manual. Rethink your sourcing strategy by reevaluating core operations.

How to use Supply Chain Collaboration to Minimize Disruption

Instead of keeping suppliers at arms’ length, manufacturing brands are using suppliers’ expertise throughout the new product development process and using strategic relationships to ensure access to critical materials and components. Establish a competitive advantage with strategic supplier relationships.

New Can’t-Miss Tips for Successful Supplier Negotiations

Focusing on fact-based negotiations and being mindful of how you express your position can go a long way to removing the emotional roadblocks that can delay (or derail) your procurement initiatives. Read our practical tips to work collaboratively with your partners to reduce costs and accelerate production.

Why Sourcing Should Steal the Car Dealer Digitalization Playbook

Automotive dealerships now run in a higher gear thanks to digitalization and sourcing transformation. Find out how manufacturing procurement teams can follow in their tracks to accelerate operations and improve service.

How to Address Supply Chain Disruptions in Ukraine and Beyond

The war in Ukraine and associated economic sanctions against Russia are tightening the supply of critical resources, shutting factories, and fueling inflation. See how companies are navigating these challenges.


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