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Unlocking Profitability: Top Insights for Manufacturers in 2023 (So Far)

 | July 5, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore our latest and most popular resources for boosting manufacturing profit margins
  • Discover aPriori’s blogs, podcasts, and videos that provide actionable steps to increase manufacturing profitability

The Full Article:

Leading manufacturing companies recognize that controlling costs early and throughout the product development process unlocks new opportunities for bottom-line growth. According to new research from Boston Consulting Group (BCG), 72% of C-suite executives today prioritize cost reduction to improve their profit margins and future competitiveness.

While increasing profit margins is a top priority for most manufacturers, determining the optimal starting point to achieve profitability targets remains the greatest challenge. This post collects valuable and useful insights from our top-five profitability-focused content of the year (thus far).

Three Must-Read Blogs to Increase Manufacturing Profit Margins

The following blog posts offer guidance on improving product cost management, identifying new savings opportunities, and boosting manufacturing profit margins. Additionally, the articles provide strategic insights to help today’s discrete manufacturers achieve their ambitious profitability and sustainability goals simultaneously. Here’s a background on each post:

3 Steps for Effective Manufacturing Cost Analysis: Today’s innovators use a comprehensive three-step process to maintain efficient product cost management throughout the product development life cycle. Discover how product teams employ a structured approach to identify early cost anomalies, analyze savings potential, and execute cost-reduction plans to boost net profit margins.

Discover How Indirect and Direct Manufacturing Costs Impact Profitability: Learn more about the overall impact of both indirect and direct costs on gross profit margins. And discover how companies can employ a manufacturing insights solution to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, address labor shortages, and mitigate supply chain challenges quickly.

Applying Smart Manufacturing to Boost Profits: Digital twin simulation software enables companies to optimize product designs, manufacturing processes, and how factories are utilized. Discover the role that digital twins play in enabling smart factories to improve profitability and sustainability goals.

Hear How to Increase Your ROI With Your PLM System

Podcast Episode 46: How to Find ROI With PLM: Hear from Chris Morris, our Chief Customer Officer, explain how to ensure return on investment (ROI) from product lifecycle management (PLM) software. Want to hear more insights from senior manufacturing executives? Check out the latest Manufacturing Insights Podcast episode here or on your favorite audio streaming application, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Watch How Soucy Accelerates Cost Analysis and Increases Profits With aPriori

How Soucy Uses aPriori to Run Rapid Cost Analysis: Caroline Leclerc, Cost Engineering Team Leader for Soucy, discusses how she has used aPriori for more than five years to run cost analysis globally. This enables Soucy to assess various regions, including China, Vietnam, the U.S., and more, to determine the most cost-effective locations and manufacturing processes. With aPriori, Leclerc and the entire cost engineering team can save time and effort while improving collaboration and gross profit margins.

Bonus Content: Carrier Discovers $21 Million in Potential Value With aPriori

How Carrier Saves Tens of Millions With aPriori: When Carrier sought a digital solution to quickly evaluate the expenses of various complex parts with different manufacturing processes, it turned to aPriori. Read how Carrier’s internal should cost team discovered $21 million in potential annual savings with aPriori.

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