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New aPriori Product Names Reflect our Expanding Capabilities

 | August 4, 2022

aPriori provides business-level insights that empower manufacturers to make strategic decisions quickly and confidently. Customers use aPriori to optimize cash flow, accelerate growth, and improve margins. And some of the world’s most innovative manufacturing brands rely on our guidance to optimize product designs, manufacturing processes, and navigate supply chain disruptions.

We also address unyielding manufacturing pressure to operate faster and more efficiently. And our collaboration and automation solutions connect product development teams that traditionally work in silos and enable them to make decisions quickly and confidently.

Innovation is Part of our DNA

Our first software release targeted product cost. Today, we provide solutions that connect and empower teams to gain critical insights from design engineers, cost engineers, sourcing specialists, suppliers, and senior leadership. And we’re building on cost, sustainability, and design for manufacturing (DFM) solutions to bring new levels of collaboration and efficiency to procurement.

Innovation is in aPriori’s DNA and is central to our growth. And we’re updating our product names to reflect our broader offerings and highlight our core manufacturing simulation expertise.

aPriori’s New Product Names

aPriori’s product suite is now our Manufacturing Insights Platform. Additionally, we are replacing our “Cost Insight” product name “prefix” with the aPriori acronym “aP.” Our new product names and capabilities follow:

  • aP Pro (no name change):  aP Pro provides strategic insights to improve product design and determine where to manufacture it. Our solution combines product cost management, DFM, and supplier collaboration capabilities. As a result, manufacturers yield insights that accelerate time to market by 20%, while achieving hundreds of millions of dollars in cost savings. aP Pro also connects design engineers, cost experts, and sourcing/procurement teams. (On-premise and cloud solution)
  • aP Design (formerly Cost Insight Design):  Using only a web browser, design engineers can optimize product designs with a scalable set of costing, visualization, reporting, and administrative services. (Cloud solution)
  • aP Generate (formerly Cost Insight Generate):  Our automated and collaborative cloud-based solution integrates with your organization’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system.  aP Generate features a new user interaction paradigm that proactively notifies a designer, cost engineer, or buyer of components with DFM risk and a preliminary component cost. (Cloud solution)
  • aP Analytics (formerly Cost Insight Report): Our dashboard and reporting solution provides flexible reporting, analysis, and trending of cost and manufacturing data. aP Analytics provides team leads and managers with project status and metrics. Available as both an on-premise and cloud solution, aP Analytics features:
    • Starter reports and dashboards
    • A business intelligence (BI) platform and ad hoc analysis for flexible reporting and data analysis
    • Export service to define and schedule data export from another aPriori application database to an aP Analytics database

Importantly, our solutions access aPriori’s Foundation capabilities, which include our simulation engine, digital factories, CAD plugins, and powerful analytics.

The aPriori Manufacturing Insights Platform

The following image illustrates aPriori’s full solutions suite in our Manufacturing Insights Platform:

aPriori Manufacturing Insights Platform and Product Names

Innovation for Next-Gen Manufacturing

Manufacturing brands face an unprecedented time of change – and opportunity – forged by the pandemic, digital transformation, and an increasingly competitive landscape.

And we are proud to work side-by-side with our customers to help them reach new heights and gain new levels of speed and agility. With both cloud and on-premise deployments available, aPriori can provide manufacturing brands and suppliers with powerful insights to capitalize on new market needs, increase resiliency, and bring innovative products to market faster than ever.

See What’s New in aPiori 22.1

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