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How to Use aPriori’s New Sustainability Software

 | March 14, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • aPriori Sustainability Insights helps baseline, compare, and reduce CO2e emissions
  • Watch how to balance cost, sustainability, and manufacturability with aPriori

The Full Article:

For two decades, aPriori has been providing leading manufacturers across the globe with the ability to act on product cost and manufacturability. Now, aPriori layers in sustainability intelligence to help global manufacturing powerhouses achieve their ambitious net-zero goals.

aPriori’s latest solution, Sustainability Insights, enables manufacturers to measure, reduce, and make data-driven decisions on their products’ carbon footprint during design and production. Now equipped with CO2 equivalent (CO2e) emission insights, aPriori provides the only Manufacturing Intelligence Platform to optimize products for cost, manufacturability, and sustainability simultaneously.

aPriori Sustainability Insights evaluates greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at the product level, from cradle to gate, including Scope 3 (i.e., throughout the supply chain). Accordingly, organizations gain fast, transparent CO2e breakdowns to compare alternate product geometries/shapes, raw materials, manufacturing processes, and suppliers/locations.

Manufacturers can use aPriori’s new sustainability software without additional user inputs, applications, or integrations. aPriori’s precise CO2e insights extend the platform’s existing powerful capabilities. This allows companies to use aPriori Sustainability Insights effortlessly to bring their high-quality, low-carbon, cost-effective innovations to market faster to ensure profitability.

Watch this webinar to learn how aPriori Sustainability Insights helps create best-in-class products.

How It Works: Using aPriori Sustainability Insights

aPriori’s sustainability software completes the digital thread by connecting multiple digital twins—product, process, and factory twins—to unlock real-world cost and carbon insights. The platform applies its digital twin technology to perform the following product carbon footprint calculations automatically:

  • Material CO2e. aPriori captures all GHG emissions ranging from raw material extraction to material utilization.
  • Process CO2e. The aPriori platform leverages energy use, cycle time, and electricity CO2e mix factors to calculate process CO2e, including overhead.
  • Total CO2e. aPriori adds the material CO2e and the process CO2e to calculate the total CO2e. Manufacturing companies can then use the total CO2e to identify the largest carbon offenders and focus on mitigation.

Watch this video demo to see aPriori Sustainability Insights in action.

Business Benefits of Using aPriori for Sustainability

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software provides product manufacturers with robust CO2e calculations from cradle to grave. But specialized expertise is required to use LCAs, which contributes to its lengthy process for analyzing results. This is one reason why LCAs are not used during the product design phase.

aPriori addresses this gap by providing instant, actionable guidance to minimize a product’s GHG emissions where it matters the most—during the early design stage. These insights are crucial for Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) analysis, an LCA-based methodology to measure and reduce products’ cradle-to-gate emissions.

Global manufacturers can use aPriori Sustainability Insights to make informed, data-driven decisions to effectively:

  • Select low-carbon, cost-effective suppliers around the world.
  • Procure alternate materials to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Minimize carbon impacts by changing manufacturing processes.
  • Conduct “what if” scenarios to make real-time product cost, carbon, and manufacturability decisions.

Customer Applications of Sustainability Insights

Global manufacturing companies leverage aPriori’s automated sustainability software to meet and accomplish multiple environmental goals. Our latest webinar presents three customer applications of aPriori Sustainability Insights to demonstrate how it helps manufacturers manage their product carbon footprint.

The following leading organizations have adopted and continue to employ aPriori’s sustainability software:

  • Grundfos is the world’s largest pump manufacturer. It leverages aPriori to improve its strategic sourcing process through product cost and CO2e insights. Additionally, Grundfos plans on using aPriori to enable “carbon avoidance” during the early product design phase.
  • Carrier manufactures heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, and fire/security systems. It uses aPriori to evaluate the carbon of supplier-sourced components and validate them early to move toward “Zero RFQ.” Further, Carrier uses aPriori to increase confidence and transparency in PCF calculations while capturing ~75% of total embodied carbon toward LCAs for chillers.

Move Sustainability From Intent to Impact

Join others in making an impact on sustainability. Watch our webinar below to delve deeper into aPriori’s sustainability software and explore how it helps companies like yours minimize negative environmental impacts.

Introduction to Sustainability Insights

See how manufacturers can use aPriori to reduce their product carbon footprint and cost while ensuring manufacturability in real time.
Watch the Webinar
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