Customer Success

aPriori solutions transform your business with digital insights that optimize manufacturability, profitability, and sustainability.

Forrester’s interview of four aPriori customers quantifies our 603% ROI. Hear why our customers – ranging from aerospace and automotive sectors to industrial and high-tech electronics – rely on aPriori.

20 Years

of better manufacturability & improved costs


supplier negotiation savings for customers


reduction in new product design time


expected 5-year savings with aPriori insights


Reduction on Design Time

Explore how Eaton’s AI-driven capabilities—built with quality aPriori data—are lowering costs and accelerating time to market. 
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Reduction on Supplier Costs

By collaborating with suppliers to configure aPriori’s digital factories to reflect each supplier’s cost structure, rail transportation manufacturer, Alstom, benefits from near instant quotes without sacrificing accuracy.
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Improved Supplier Negotiation and More Cost-Effective Design

Carrier utilizes 80+ digital factories in their aPriori implementation, taking full advantage of the capability to generate should cost models across the full range of manufacturing processes required by their products, driving over $21 million in value so far.
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Expand Should Cost Analysis by 8x to Digitize Procurement

Global leader in the lighting industry, Signify, wanted to ensure best-in-class procurement practices. aPriori provided the automated approach they needed to hit their goal of increasing should cost analysis by 8x to optimize costs for their diverse portfolio of products.
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