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Top-5 Manufacturing Executive Blogs of 2022

 | December 29, 2022

It was a busy 2022 for manufacturers. The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) noted the industry’s value-added output rose to $2.768 trillion in the second quarter of 2022, up from $2.703 trillion in Q1 of 2022 and an all-time high. NAM also revealed that by November 2022, manufacturing employed 12.93 million workers.

These facts are illustrative of manufacturing’s continuous expansion. With growth comes room for new processes, improvements, and tools. It also brings a host of new challenges to overcome. In the last two years, manufacturers certainly have had their share of challenges with which to contend. At the forefront of manufacturers’ concerns is sustainability. It also was a hot topic at our 2022 Manufacturing Insights Conference as well.

So, if you missed any of our great advice on how to tackle some of these challenges, read our top 2022 manufacturing executive blogs below. You’ll also find useful information on solutions that improve manufacturability, sustainability, and profitability.

Five Sustainability Challenges and How to Overcome Them: Did you know that 90% of executives believe sustainability is important but just 60% of organizations have sustainability goals? It is essential to have such goals as well as a solution to achieve them. Examine several sustainability challenges and how aPriori helps overcome them. Get real-life examples of aPriori customers who have successfully integrated sustainability into their missions and business plans.

Forgoing Manufacturing Sustainability Does Not Equate to Profitability: “Sustainability will be too expensive and cut into our profits.” This common misconception hinders many manufacturers from implementing sustainability initiatives. Nearly half (40%) do not believe they have the knowledge or capabilities to execute such programs. Explore how sustainability does not preclude profitability. Learn how the right manufacturing insights ensure manufacturability, sustainability, AND profitability.

Debunking Sustainability Practice Myths: “Our sustainability efforts won’t really make a difference for the environment.” “It’s too much work to implement a sustainability program.” “All plastic is recyclable and reusable.” These statements are a few of the myths manufacturers believe about sustainability. Discern fact from fiction in this blog. Learn how sustainability is not only good for the environment but for manufacturers as well. The key is the right manufacturing insights platform.

Five Ways Digital Transformation Helps Manufacturers Scale Faster and with Greater Agility: Are your manufacturing operations “future-proofed”? If not, this blog is for you. The decisions you make today will impact it tomorrow. Examine how to scale faster and with greater agility with the right digital transformation solution. Learn how it can address five of manufacturing’s most pressing issues, mitigating future disruptions, improving manufacturability and profits, and accelerating time to market.

 Why Siloed Digital Manufacturing Initiatives Fail and Slow ROI: To improve manufacturing efficiencies, siloes across product development must be broken down. What is the best approach? In this blog, we explored the most effective path to breaking down siloes. Gain insight into how a comprehensive strategy can remove barriers, increase productivity to optimize core capabilities, build more agility, and accelerate time to market. See how the right digital manufacturing insights help achieve objectives and improve ROI.

We understand the pressures you and your management team face in your manufacturing operations. Our solutions and advice can help you mitigate these pressures. Best of all, they can enhance your business across all manufacturability, profitability, and sustainability channels. It starts with the right information and tools to ensure a strong 2023.


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