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See How Manufacturers Embrace Sustainable Development at MIC

 | October 12, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to strike the perfect balance between sustainability and profitability at MIC ‘23
  • MIC sustainability sessions provide strategies to achieve net-zero, sourcing, and carbon management goals

The Full Article:

Manufacturers can promote sustainable development by designing profitable and environmentally friendly products to help companies reach their carbon reduction goals. By adhering to stringent sustainability regulations and meeting customer demand for greener products, innovators can ensure steady growth while increasing stakeholder and investor confidence.

However, how can companies achieve their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by becoming more environmentally conscious? Our sustainability track sessions will tackle this question and more at the upcoming Manufacturing Insights Conference (MIC). Session participants will gain practical strategies for striking the perfect balance between profitability and sustainability.

Let’s look deeper at this year’s four MIC sustainability sessions and what attendees can expect to gain from them.

1) Panel Discussion: The Race to Net Zero: Challenges and Opportunities

Join our sustainability panel to learn about industry leaders’ net-zero initiatives and strategic approaches for creating a greener future. The session will feature leading sustainable manufacturers like Alstom, discussing the challenges and opportunities in cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The panelists will also share insights into upcoming and existing sustainability regulations and their impact on manufacturing operations.

Check out our complete sustainability track session agenda and keynote presentations at MIC 2023.

2) Sustainable Sourcing: A Path to Profitability and Purpose

Here, we will examine the critical link between sustainability and effective sourcing strategies. Attendees will learn how sustainability regulations impact procurement strategies and how manufacturers can transform challenges into growth opportunities. This session is also scheduled to provide real-world case studies to exemplify balancing environmental sustainability, profitability, and customer satisfaction in manufacturing.

3) Embodied Carbon: The Hidden Cost of Manufacturing

While 60% of manufacturers have set SDGs, 40% still lack plans to reduce their climate impacts. This session will focus on carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions, going beyond the effects of operations and energy consumption.

Attendees will explore the overlooked impact of supply chain and product design-related emissions, also known as embodied carbon. Further, they will gain insights into evaluating hidden costs associated with products while making sustainable, data-driven decisions for improved business outcomes.

Listen to this podcast to learn how to reduce costs and carbon through insights from Signify.

4) aPriori for “Should Carbon”: A Customer Story

Join us for an insightful session on aPriori’s real-time sustainability module and expanded cost analysis and design for manufacturability (DFM) capabilities. Further, hear from customer FuelCell Energy about its experience employing aPriori for should cost and should carbon analyses. By attending the session, participants will learn how combining should cost and should carbon provides a competitive advantage for their business.

Get Actionable Steps to Reach Your Sustainable Development Goals

Don’t miss these four valuable sustainability sessions at the upcoming MIC event in Orlando, Florida. Register now to learn how to gain a competitive advantage in the manufacturing industry and accelerate your progress toward a more sustainable future.

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