Cost Engineering

Significantly Increase Your Percentage of Cost Optimized Parts with Automated Costing

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

  • How can I increase the amount of savings I find on each cost reduction project I’m working on?
  • Is it possible to increase the number of projects I work on without impacting the engineering schedule?
  • How do I work with sourcing to identify cost reduction projects with maximum potential for savings?

How aPriori Can Help

Senior leaders in business have long recognized that accurate cost estimates are invaluable in informing decisions that impact both top-line resource allocations and bottom line profitability. Without accurate cost estimates, the inevitable result is that new products are released to market over target cost, and require extensive rework before ramping to volume production.

However, with too many parts to analyze and too few cost experts to do the work, generating accurate cost estimates can be a slow and tedious process.

One of the factors complicating the job of the cost analyst has been a lack of commercially available tools to assist in producing accurate cost estimates. Attempts to develop software applications in this area have resulted in products that require significant training to master and volumes of data input for each and every project.

aPriori’s Enterprise Product Cost Management platform provides cost estimators with more throughput by enabling a precise, real-time analysis of the 3D CAD model design, allowing them to estimate and manage costs much faster than if done manually. Key benefits of using aPriori include:

  • Identify parts with the greatest cost-savings potential
  • Examine re-design opportunities to maximize cost savings
  • Evaluate lower-cost manufacturing and sourcing alternatives for those parts

Designed to be used by everyone – employees in sourcing, engineering and manufacturing – aPriori allows cost estimators to take the lead in building a corporate culture where product costs are equally important as quality and schedule. Cost Estimators can embed their expertise within aPriori to create company-wide processes and standards for costing parts. As a result, every part or product is evaluated as if a cost expert was doing the work. With aPriori, everyone in the organization that impacts cost can become a cost estimator, allowing the experts to focus their time on the most challenging parts or products.