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With limited resources and a growing quantity of request for quotes (RFQs) from customers outsourcing manufacturing, lead times for responding to potential customers are increasing. Speed, accuracy, and consistency are the three biggest challenges faced by cost estimators across all discrete manufacturing industry verticals.

Volume of RFQs

Customers will often submit dozens of RFQs for budgetary purposes that don’t necessarily lead to new business. This is compounded by cost estimators who labor to produce these quotes using inconsistent, manual costing methods.

Accuracy & Consistency of Quotes

How accurate and consistent are your quotes from one estimator to the next? Will different people generate different quotes for the same component? This could potentially expose your company to significant risk if you win a bid that was underpriced.

Manufacturability Issues

Are you able to identify potential manufacturing issues from customer models or prints? Would your customers consider you to be a more strategic partner if you could notify them of manufacturing issues before they finalize their design?

How Apriori Can Help

aPriori Automated Quoting solutions provide suppliers with a fast, accurate and consistent system for generating detailed cost estimates to manufacture a customer product in your facility.

Leverage 3D CAD Models

aPriori provides you with the ability to calculate detailed cost estimates using nearly any major 3D CAD model as a primary input. This dramatically reduces the amount of manual input required and allows a cost estimator to respond faster to customer RFQs.

Virtual Production Environments

A Virtual Production Environment (VPE) is a digital model of a factory that is used by aPriori to produce cost estimates. It can be configured to represent your specific manufacturing capabilities and cost structure and enables more accurate, consistent quotes for new business.

Design for Manufacturability

aPriori automatically detects potential manufacturing problems. When collaborating with customers on early design concepts, you can provide feedback on potential design challenges that can be fixed quickly before the customer releases the design for manufacturing.

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