Episode 14 | August 10, 2022

Smart Products and the Supply Chain of Tomorrow

Rob Lidster | Chief Procurement Officer, GE Appliances

How can manufactures cope with supply chain shortages and deliver the smart products their consumers are asking for? And what sort of smart consumer appliances will CPOs need to support in the future? Rob Lidster, Chief Procurement Officer of GE Appliances, gives us the answers.

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Episode 13 | August 3, 2022

How to Renegotiate Costs with Suppliers

Daniel Chacon | Cost Engineer, formerly of Solar Turbines

When it comes to costs and your supply chain, why get into difficult conversations with your suppliers when there's no way to win? That sort of mindset is why manufactures leave money on the table. Until now. Cost Engineer Daniel Chacon shares how to always win supplier negotiations by going in with a growth mindset, a well-rounded team, and a list of can’t-argue-with facts.

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Episode 12 | July 20, 2022

Automotive Insight: EV Supply Chain Sustainability

Craig McLeod | former Director of Advance Planning, GM

High demand for electric vehicles bodes well for EV manufactures, but only if they can deliver their product amidst supply chain shortages and fluctuating materials costs. GM veteran Craig McLeod says the winners of the automotive race will be those who leverage digital models to swap out materials on the fly and build their own moment-by-moment sustainable supply chain.

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Episode 11 | July 13, 2022

Building Sustainable Supplier Relationships

Nick Rowland | Strategic Cost Estimator, formerly of Team Industries

The relationship between an OEM and a supplier can be a lasting source of value, but only if both sides share key information that helps the other plan, adapt, and prevent problems related to cost, sourcing, and manufacturability. Seasoned negotiator Nick Rowland shares why many collaborative conversations fail, and models how to frame future negotiations for sustainable success.

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